Thursday, August 26, 2010

You know you have a good doctor when

1. She walks in the room and says, "We've met before, right?"

2. You don't just giggle nervously at the fact that you are sitting in a paper dress - you laugh outright.  And she laughs with you.

3.  She listens to you babble about your new baby.

4.  She listens to you babble about your paranoia.

5.  She listens to you babble about moles.

6.  She laughs at all your stupid jokes.

7.  She tells you your urine is normal. 

8.  She is excited to hear that you have "already" lost half of your baby weight.

9.  You leave the office and wonder if she is on Facebook.

P.S.  I realize this could also mean that I am the patient that she HATES because

1.  She recognizes me.

2.  I make fun of the paper dress.

3.  I babble about my new baby.

4.  I babble about my paranoia.

5.  I babble about moles.

6.  I make stupid jokes.

7.  She has to analyze my urine.

8.  I brag about "already" losing half of the baby weight.

9.  I may find her on Facebook....

PPS.  Can someone tell me why on earth these stupid tetanus shots hurt so much?  I feel like I seriously got punched in the arm.  Ugh.

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Ang said...

I'm jealous! I h-a-t-e my dr....I have been avoiding a much needed appt for 6 months because I can't stand him lol