Thursday, August 12, 2010

Relive Lost with me...

!!!Spoiler Alert!!!!

If you have never watched Lost, or haven't watched up to Season 2, stop reading here. I WILL spoil it for you. So, go rent Season 1 and watch it immediately. Why? As if having something to talk to me about isn't enough...ok, fine, it's because I want all to enjoy the show with everyone. Spread the wealth. No, Seriously. What are you waiting for?

Techy and I are so freaking into this show. Like, IN.LOVE.

Our friend, Chris, told us we had to pick favorite characters (because we are all juvenile like that) and I picked John Locke. Happy to say, I {think I} picked correctly. He is seriously like the most awesome character ever. My #2 {in case Locke dies or something – 'cause that’s how this show rolls!} is Sawyer. Has been since his first flashback. I can’t help it. Love a man with a southern drawl. Mm, mmm, good.

What’s that? Wanna know where we’re at? Well, Michael, Jin, and Sawyer just washed ashore and were found by the people from the tail. We went through the back drama that involved the “Others” taking most of the people from the tail. And then, that jerk Ana Lucia freaking killed Shannon, mere seconds after Sayid declared his love for her.*

All that to say, I don’t understand why I have to go to work 8 hrs a day, when I could be spending that time doing something valuable, like watching Lost. Oh geez.

*Total eye rolling over this. I saw this coming a mile away. He can’t declare his undying love in season 2! That’s just stupid.

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Ang said...

You have NO idea how badly I want to spoil things for you!!!