Friday, August 13, 2010

Is Scrabble even a word?

My favorite game in the whole wide world is Scrabble. I am a scrabble fiend. In general, I adore wordy games. Text twist, Unscrambler, and Boggle being right at the top of my list. But Scrabble. Now there’s a game that gets my wheels turning.

I have my mother to thank for the letter-word fiendishness. (Yes, I made ANOTHER word up, but clearly, I am a word PRO, so all my new words should probably be adopted to the dictionary. That means you need to stop raising your eyebrows at me….)

Anyway, I come by it honest.

My mom taught us how to play Scrabble almost as soon as we learned how to spell. Probably because she wanted someone to play with her.

You should know, my mom could win Scrabble tournaments faster than Peggy Hill could ever think of winning a Boggle Tournament. My mom has S-K-I-L-L-Z when it comes to Scrabbling.

Almost as soon as she taught us how to play Scrabble she gave us the disclaimer: “I will not let you win. If you beat me, it’s because you really beat me.”

And we worked for years to beat her.

We spent countless hours sitting around that board with her.

More snow storms than you can even count were spent playing Scrabble with my mom.

Finally, one day, I beat her. And then one day, Sarah beat her.

The good news, my mom created spelling QUEENS out of both my sister and I. (Now I have to scour this post to make sure I didn’t misspell anything.)

The bad news, now no one will play Scrabble with any of us. Ever.

I haven’t played the game in years. Techy used to try because he knew how much I loved it, but finally, even he threw in the towel.

I am thinking that a Scrabble tournament most definitely needs to be in the works for my next trip to Virginia.

I am sure my sister will definitely be up for it, considering that my next trip will be based around the arrival of her 3rd child.


Man, I miss Scrabble.

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slt said...

Who knew we had so much in common??? LOVE scrabble...however, I had never played it until I met my husband. His family plays it regularly and he is a beast at it. I've gotten pretty good the last 3 years, but I am sure no where near you and Sarah! So fun!