Saturday, June 30, 2012

Weekly Weigh-In: Week 9

Well peeps.

It's been 9 weeks.

9 weeks of exercise,

9 weeks of dieting,

9 weeks of yada yada yada.

But I'm proud to say that after 9 weeks, I've lost 12.6 lbs.

Nothing amazing.

But it's better than nothing.

And considering that I'm pretty sure I have a stress fracture in my foot and I haven't been able to run in 3 weeks, I'll take it.

And if you're really only here for the pictures and the numbers, then here you go:

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Business and a Bum Foot

Sorry it's been so long.

Not that any of you noticed.

Things here have been a little (read: ALOT) crazy.

I've been doing things like painting.

And laundry.

And unpacking from vacation.

(Yes, it does take a good week and a half when you have 2 little ones. AT LEAST)

But I thought I would explain (read: whine) why there wasn't even a weigh in post for the last two weeks.

Two weeks ago I was on vacation with no scale.

And last week, despite my best efforts, I only lost .2 lbs.

Like Woah.


I cried, I'll admit it.

As of Saturday, I've been at this for 7 weeks (not including vacation week) and I've lost 8.2 lbs.

Depressing much?

Wait. It gets worse.

Apparently, last week in my efforts to PUSH myself, I hurt my foot.

And the pain is indicative of a minor stress fracture.

Which might not be a big deal, if I didn't have such a difficult time losing weight.

And if my primary forms of exercise didn't put a ton of pressure on my feet.

So now we improvise.

I started pilates on Monday.

But that burns all of 150 calories per hour.

I'm pretty sure that sneezing burns more calories than pilates....

So I borrowed a bike to try to get in some extra cardio.

And for the last two days, I've been painting.

Which is seriously way more of a workout than I remember.

All that to say, it's been a rough couple of weeks.

And in case you are interested in seeing the beginnings if baby girl's nursery...

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Weekly Weigh In: Week 6

Let me ask you something...

Are holidays hard for you?

Cause they rock my little world.

Especially when I spend them with my mother in law who puts Paula Deen to shame.

Or my friend Kathy, who seriously makes me gain weight just by looking at her food.

But that's no excuse.

Despite the fact that I am dedicated to this goal, I still skipped a workout on Monday.

And I did enjoy a little too much guacamole...

So, at the end of the week, I should be glad to see any weight loss right?

But I'm discouraged....

At the end of week 6, I'm only down .8

And I'm on my way to the beach for a week....

Which obviously implies nothing but ice cream and cookie dough, right?

Or is that just me?

I could seriously use some encouragement this week!

Who's up for the challenge?

In the meantime, for those of you who only care about the bottom line...

6 weeks and 8 lbs.

Friday, June 1, 2012

How Bad Do You Want It?

I'm Fat.

Or chubby.

Or round, if you will...

Basically, I have extra layers where I am not supposed to.

And basically, I want it gone...

You know that by now, right???

And for the record, I want to see this number on my scale

But last time I checked, this was the number I was seeing.

That's a good 35 lbs apart...

I want to be able to wear shorts without having to worry about the overhang...on top and bottom.

But how badly do I want it?

Let me just tell you...

I want it bad enough to make a date with Jillian twice a week.

I want it bad enough to go running on vacation.

I want it bad enough to skip the temptations that await me in my freezer.

I want it bad enough to shame myself by posting my weight - my ACTUAL weight - on Facebook every week.

And I want it bad enough to ruin my pedicure by shoving my feet into sneakers 5 days a week.

How bad do you want it???