Monday, November 1, 2010

Mom Cave Desperation

Perhaps you have seen the stuff floating around blogland about a mom-cave.

Well, I am desperate.  Really, really desperate.

As in, I am blushing as I prepare to post these pics.

But here goes!

Still holding my breath....

You aren't screaming yet, so....

Wait, is anyone there?


Eh, well....  I have always liked to listen to myself talk, er, type.

This room, formerly known as the "man cave" of our home (Also known as the former home of the Gruesome Twosome) is about to get a transformation. 

This room is about to become a mom cave.

See the pretty new furniture?

Yeah, it's probably getting one of those pretty white slipcovers that I see all over blogland. 

The room itself needs a good coat of paint, something light.  Something not icky-pinky-tan.  Something PRETTY.

That's right.  Dark and dingy are out.

Since it's a basement, my goal is to find a way to bring in rich fabrics and accessories while keeping things from being too reminiscent of it's previous heavy history.

We are shedding weight at this house and I want to feel it all over.

 Beyond the toys, you can see where my process started.  Shelves in the awkward under stairs area should be completed with an adorable desk complete with an adorable, comfy chair and a laptop where I can blog away during the long winter ahead.

What you can't quite capture from that picture is the mountain that sits in between me and my relaxing blog time.

A veritable graveyard of toys.  However free HomeGoods bucks could be just the inspiration Techy I need to get the job done.

I am going to need some major help to get this done. 
Accessories will be pivotal in this room.  And since dark and dingy are gone, I am thinking something like this.

Think I can do it?!

Who knows?

For now, I am linking to Between Naps on the Porch's Mom Cave party.

Heaven's knows I could use any help I can get!!!!


ceejus said...

Of course you can do it, silly. Don't be ridiculous. Definitely need some new lighting in there, though. And it's a pretty big room. I wouldn't be afraid of a more dramatic color. Or maybe just a dramatic color on the TV wall, and then add shelves around the TV so it looks like a big, built-in unit. Totally.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

You can do it! :) I can see that area under the stairs being a great spot for some built-ins...maybe with Christmas money? ;) Thanks for the visit today!

kait said...

you are gonna make it look awesome down there, i'm already excitedly waiting for "after" pictures LOL!

ButterYum said...

Here's to your finished room... I hope you don't have to wait long for it.


Roberta said...

You can do it! What a great bit space you have my dear ;) I can see you are a bit's a tip...sort all the stuff by FUNCTION...then figure out how much space it's going to take to store it and then go out and buy your storage units. i.e., shelving, baskets, bins, etc. Hope this helps, and best of luck in the giveaway. Fondly, Roberta

Rene said...

I know you can do it. Great ideas. Love your header too, by the way.


Renee said...

looks like you will have fun this will have a lovely room by Spring...then you wont want to be stuck inside in the cave :)