Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's here!!!!!!!!

The day that I have been waiting for for MONTHS,

Has finally arrived...

The day when it all goes away.

The day that nasty election ads are forever a part of my memory.

Or you know until the next election.

And I totally realize that starting tomorrow, all the news stations will just start talking about the NEXT election.

But those horrid ads will finally be gone.

And the political surveys that Techy and I have been getting every night will stop.

And the ridiculous amount of paper in my mailbox will finally die down.

Dear Politicians,

If you are reading this, please stop wasting my tax dollars on paper that no one reads.  Please stop interrupting my dinner time with my family for your political surveys.  And please stop running horrible ads that do nothing but run one another into the ground.

Signed, Me

That being said, don't forget to vote today!

(Blogger won't let me upload pics right now.  It is totally messy and keeps giving me some message about using Google Cloud and then gives me an error message....  If anyone has a solution, please let me know!)

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