Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Name Game

I realized something new today as I was reading another blog...I need to create an alias for my dear sweet husband if I am going to blog about him. For instance, one of my friends affectionately refers to her boyfriend as "The Foliage", other favorites include "Marlboro Man" and the infamous "Mr. Big". Even Garfield had a nickname for his true love--it just so happens to be the nickname that my husband has called me by for the last several years--Pookie.

I have affectionately (and unaffectionately) called my husband by several names since I met him, but today is the day that I will "blog-name" him. I think it should be humorous yet affectionate, strong yet sweet...blah, blah, blah. I have no idea what I should name him, but my goal for today is to figure this out. I am throwing around "Schmoopsie Poo" since it seems to go with "Pookie", "Free spirit" since that is what his name means (I think this might be a little too hippyish), and "Energizer" for his ADHD (a little too, well, just wrong).... I could always go with "Mr. Something", but I don't know what the something would be. If it weren't derrogatory, I think I would totally call him "The Nerd", but since I know he occasionally reads this, I don't think that's the best option. However, I don't think he would be offended by the title, "Techno Geek". I will have to test it out....
Last night, Techno Geek and I went over to his parents' house for dinner. As a demonstration of how techno-geeky my dear, sweet husband is, during dinner his blackberry went off multiple times and his cell phone (separate from the blackberry--this is his personal cell phone) went off at least 3 times. I finally had to take them away from him and put them on vibrate so he wouldn't hear them and continue checking them throughout dinner. However, at the end of dinner he took them back from me, and proceeded to take one apart in order to ignite fireworks with the battery. (Get the point?)
Techno Geek is always coming up with new hobbies. After we went on the cruise, it was video editing. Now it is photography. It changes constantly, but among the favorites are fireworks, "Technosolving" or playing video games online with 25 of his "closest" friends (a.k.a. people he rarely sees except while playing his video games). Had he lived in caveman times, he would have been the guy who wanted to not just create the wheel, but hot wire it so that some kind of flame would come out of the back as it rolled down away and then find some way to create some kind of entertainment out of it for others to enjoy.
Yep, Techno Geek fits.... Techno Geek it is. (Sorry, honey, I love you, but....)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Blissful buggy

I am the classic procrastinator.... Life is always busy and the fall seems to be the busiest time of year, but I have been able to devote very little of my time toward the goals I had set for myself. However, in spite of my busy schedule and the frustrations I face, I continue to be reminded of how blessed we are.

Last night, as I pulled into my driveway, I spotted a large box on my front porch, which I assumed to be the Pack-n-Play that my mom and sister gave me as a shower gift. I was so excited. When I got to it, I realized that it wasn't my Pack-n-Play, but the travel system that we registered for.... In the world of new babies, certain expensive items you can do with out and I had discounted the travel system to that status. One of my girlfriends loaned me her car seat and base as well as the collapsible stroller that went with it, so I had decided that if there was one expensive item on my registry that I had to forego--the travel system would be it.
But there it was! When I saw the return address, I was shocked. It was from someone that I work with! As it turns out, several of my co-workers pitched in to help fund the big purchase!

Having recognized how blessed we are with amazing friends and family in Virginia, it's impossible to deny the fact that I am also blessed with wonderful coworkers and friends here as well.

Overall, it would be ridiculous of me to ignore the fact that my husband and I have so much to be thankful for. To disregard the fact that God has provided so much for us would be unforgiveable of me.

For you cynics, I have to admit that even I find it a bit odd that I experienced sheer delight about something as "ridiculous" as a car seat and a stroller. I have become "those people". It's embarrassing, but true. Just wait-in a few months, I will be worse-"those people" who put their children on the phone to make baby noises to friends and family. For those of you who have already been "those people", I love you and I love your children. (And payback for all the picture messages, video messages and phone calls will be incredibly amusing!) For those of you who are not yet "those people", there is a very high probability that one day you will be delighted to see a stroller sitting on your front porch or you will call/text me with baby updates. It's the circle of life--so don't make too much fun of me!

Monday, October 26, 2009

From the Valley to the Mountaintop and back again

In my humble opinion, family is either one of the absolute best or worst parts of life, depending on who you are stuck with. Fortunately for us, we have two of the most amazing families ever. Charlie's family is nothing if not interesting and my would one describe my family??? Assuming that you have seen the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", you may get a sense of what kind of family mine is. Everyone is in everyone's business, extended cousins-who most families never know-are just as much a part of our family as our siblings, no one ever moves away, grandmas cook, kids are everywhere, everyone knows embarrassing stories about everyone and doesn't mind sharing them, and everyone loves everyone. The difference is we are the southern version.... So instead of the Greek accent and words flipping through the conversation, we add extra syllables to all words and throw around southern vernacular that outsiders scratch their heads at. (Words like "yonder", and phrases like, "Daddy went over to the holler for the afternoon" are extremely common.)

All that being said, we made a trip home to visit this wonderful, unique family of mine for the weekend and to celebrate our first baby shower. What a weekend it was!

Truthfully, I have a large family, so had there been a room full of family members alone, the shower would have been as average as anyone else's with 15 or so people there, and I would have been thrilled. I realize that I have lived in Delaware for more than 3 years now and should expect some of those non-family ties that were so strong before I moved to have weakened. I honestly didn't expect a crowd, but I was so excited to see everyone who came. Most of them, if not all of them, are people who went to church with my family for my entire life. I grew up under the supervision of these women, all of them, in some way my teachers, mentors, Sunday School teachers, or friends. So much has happened in the 3 1/2 years since I moved to Delaware, though, and God has moved most of these women out of the "old circle" and into new arenas where they rarely, if ever, see one another. I had such a fantastic time talking to them and catching up, and I know they enjoyed catching up with one another as well. I told mom after the shower was over that I am pretty sure that's what heaven will be like. All the people we know and love, catching up and so excited to be able to share our lives with one another again.

Almost every trip to Virginia includes some kind of amazing opportunity that we would never get to experience in Delaware. My husband is always amazed at these new experiences. Before we left, we went to visit my grandparents. Over the past year or so, my Pappaw has taken up a new hobby...he decided he wanted to build himself a cabin in the mountain behind his house. It took quite a bit of coercing to talk Pappaw into taking us to see it (complete sarcasm--I mentioned it and he practically lept out of his chair to grab the keys to his truck). He chopped down the trees and built the cozy little one-room cabin himself. The little structure is solid and warm and overlooks a "holler". Charlie was enthralled to say the least. The structure is habitable for their use, complete with limited electricity due to a back-up generator, running water (piped straight from the fresh mountain spring), and outhouse - also handbuilt by Pappaw. (I promise to post pictures as soon as my husband uploads them to a computer that I have access to!)

The trip was just another reminder that although I would never consider any of my connections in Virginia to be financially wealthy, we are certainly rich in life experience and love, through our connections with these people--and that's something I wouldn't trade for the world!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

To start things off

I have decided that blogging is a much easier way for me to share my ridiculousness with the world. I am so excited! I feel like Creed from the Office...keep hoping that anyone who reads this doesn't think the same!

I would love to establish some really high expectations from this blog such as Biblican insights, noble thoughts & deeds, creative outlets, and pure entertainment, but I know better.... It will more than likely be the crazed ramblings of a sleep deprived, hormonal female for quite some time.

For those of you who know me, you probably know that I am pregnant with my first baby...a boy, which my husband is a wee bit more than excited about. I am thrilled, although, if you know me well, to imagine me with a boy would probably make you laugh out loud. Growing up, I was the babysitter that played dress up with all the kids and inspired 3 year old little girls to ask Santa Clause for "makeup". I was never what one would classify as a tom-boy. It's not as though I know nothing about sister has a little boy who I absolutely adore. But I never really imagined myself having a boy. I see it as an opportunity to explore a side of myself that I have never explored...Mommy of a little boy...sounds like a challenge--I LOVE IT!

Prior to giving birth to this little guy, though, I have set a few goals which I plan to accomplish. I plan to document my journey through these goals, so be prepared for amazingness.

1) Obviously, I have to finish getting this baby's room set up. We have already painted, but I still have to make curtains, dust, get a mattress for the crib, clean the crib, vacuum, wash all the baby clothes, clean out the closet.... Should be a weekend FULL of work. Another challenge! YES! (Double fist pump to emphasize my excitement)

2) Learn Beyonce's "Single Ladies" dance. I mean seriously, if some barely walking baby can do it, I should be able to as well. And how hilarious would it be to see me, as huge as I am now, in a leotard and high heels? Even bigger challenge! (No fist pump can convey my sheer delight over this idea)

3) Finish Christmas shopping and baby shopping without busting the bank. My husband has become rigorously involved with reading our credit card bills and wanting to know what every purchase I made 60+ days ago was for, so I MUST accomplish this! He thinks we should be "surviving" rather than "living". Let me just say, I think this will be my largest challenge to date. Not as excited about this one, although it does mean that I get to use Excel to the max, so "Cha-ching" (with a single fist pump from the early 90's for this one)

Wish me luck!!!