Friday, July 29, 2011

A Letter

Dear Baby Number Two,

You wouldn't believe what a surprise you were to your Mommy. 

The day I found out that you were there, I had pretty much decided you weren't ready for us yet. 

And that we would have to wait longer for you.   

We had been praying and waiting and hoping that you would come along soon to be a good friend and playmate to your big brother.

But God kept us on our toes.

And it was just when we had decided that we were ok with waiting a little longer for you, that you came along.

Changing everything.

From the size of Mommy's bridesmaid's dress in Uncle B's wedding....

To plans for next year's vacation to Jamaica.

Your timing is scary.

It's perfect and wonderful and terrifying all at the same time.

There are so many things that we have to think about now that we know about you.

But that doesn't change the fact that we are excited for you.

I am convinced you are a girl.

Only because my pregnancy test was pink this time around (it was blue, with your brother's).

That's logical right? 

To base my firm beliefs relative to your gender solely upon the color of the cap atop a stick I peed on.

One thing you will learn about your momma is that she ain't always logical.


She doesn't always use proper grammar.

And your Daddy?

Oh, child.

You better hang on to your hat, because he's a crazy man.

And I don't even want to ruin the excitement by spilling the beans about how awesome your big brother is.

Just get here safely.

And quickly.

And try not to make too much of a ruckus on the way out, okay?


Your Mommy

Post-Script: Baby Number 2 is due February 15, 2012.  What can I say, I try to keep my children centered around national holidays.


Sarah Wooldridge said...


Chantel said...

Hooray! There's nothing sweeter than a new baby :)

Bumber's Bumblings said...

YIPPEEE!! It's official!!!!

kait said...

lol love your post-script! yayayyay!!! i'm so excited for you guys! :)

Cortney said...

Congratulations! I was thinking about you and baby #2 when I was reading your posts the other day wondering if you were still trying. What wonderful news.

tarynddavidson said...

i haven't blogged or read blogs or done much on fb except read my own.. selfish, yes. sorry, i suck as a friend. it's a prerequisite that you know this.

But back the important stuff...
Yippee!! for babies! Oh man i am so excited for you! :)