Monday, August 1, 2011


I typically try to steer clear of politics, but today, I just can't.

Because I am just so BLECH.

Of course, I'm sure it has alot to do with my hormones.

But part of it is over this whole debt ceiling war that has been going on for what? like an eternity now?


To be honest, if Obama hadn't interrupted Ashley's date with JP (or was it Ben?  Oh, I can't keep up with that Bachelorette...) last week, I probably wouldn't have known any thing about it.

But he did.

And then I did some research.

And got really irritated.


I'm pregnant. 

That's what I DO!!!

Don't believe me, ask Techy.

But our illustrious government, who is in the red to the tune of something like $1.5 Trillion...

Finally came to an agreement to raise the debt ceiling.


That was a close call....

But (why is there always a but?!)

Their agreement to raise the debt ceiling was based upon the precursor that over the next 10 years they PLAN to cut $2 Trillion in spending.

In case you missed it:

It's over the next TEN YEARS.

And it doesn't have to start for 2 more years.

You know, after the next big election.

When at least a handful of them won't be in office anymore to face up to the new spending cuts.

BUT in the interim, they have recommended the IRS really crack down on their tax laws in order to drive in more tax dollars.

So what I'm hearing is that they don't have to start pinching anything for 2 more years....

But we, the common taxpayers, are going to start feeling the pain as soon as the IRS can tighten their purse strings?!

Oh, how I love politics.

I don't see why no one in D.C. can seem to get around to rational theories like this or this.

And for now, it makes my head hurt.

All I can pray is that the next election speaks for itself in the way of more fiscally responsible leaders.

And a group who are actually willing to work together in order to make things happen.

This constant party tug-of-war crap wears me out.

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