Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Eating: The First Trimester Version

For those of you who think this pregnancy thing is a food-fest, BEWARE!

For that is not always the case.

Here are a run down of the foods I have survived on (read: managed to choke down and keep down) for the last 6 weeks.

Week 6: Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches and Peanut Butter Crackers

Week 7: Crackers made me gag.  Now ONLY Peanut Butter and jelly sandwiches or toast with jelly will stay down.  Eating hourly.  Sometimes more.  It was RIDICULOUS.

Week 8:  The smell of peanut butter (along with everything else) began to do wicked things to me.  I was surviving off of cheerios, applesauce and bean burritoes and the eating NEVER STOPPED.

Week 9: Now that peanut butter is out of my diet, I have moved on to other sources of protein.  Bagels with cream cheese are pleasing, even if they don't last long.  Jolly ranchers and cold pizza are my best friends.

Week 10: Still enjoying Jolly Ranchers and cold pizza thankfully, but I have discovered that Lucky Charms are still magically delicious and turkey and cheese sandwiches will buy me a good 2 hour stretch of non-eating time. 

Week 11:  Have finally narrowed things down to a someone regular eating schedule -
Breakfast: 2 bowls of cereal
Morning Snack: 2 Turkey & Cheese Sandwiches and a can of Slim Fast (9 grams of protein - YAY!!!)
Morning Snack 2: String Cheese & Apple
Lunch: Can of soup, an apple, string cheese, and a bag of pretzels.
Afternoon Snack: 2 Turkey & Cheese Sandwiches and a can of Slim Fast
Dinner: 2 Turkey & Cheese Sandwiches and a can of Slim Fast.

Week 12: Sugar (with the exception of slim fasts and lucky charms) suddenly gives me headaches and makes me very sick.  But on the upside, I can still eat the same things I could eat last week and the frequency of meals has definitely tapered off a bit.

In other preggo-health-related-news:

As of Sunday, I weighed in at 148.4 lbs., which is right at 10 lbs. gained so far.
Doesn't sound great.  10 lbs in 3 months?  But heck, at this point last time I was already sitting at like 15 or 20. 

And if I maintain this rate of gain, by the time everything is said and done, I will have gained at least 20 lbs. less than last time.

I was doing GREAT with my workouts until vacation hit.

And then everything changed.  VERY QUICKLY.

Currently, although the sickness is finally fading a bit, our schedules have picked up ALOT leaving me with absolutely no workout time for the next few weeks. 

You can imagine how that makes me feel...the OCD-I-NEED-to-workout-side...it's terrifying.

But that's life. 

And at least I have pregnancy to blame it on!

Aren't you jealous?

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tasmiley said...

lucky charms was my go to food thru out both pregnancies... in fact it was my 2am snack....every morning for the whole 9 months....
ahhhh... i miss those things...