Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday's Diversion Tactic

It's been a while since I caught all of you up on the adventures of Little Man.

And some of you live far away...

And occassionally DEMAND the cuteness (Ceej, I'm looking at you...).

For those of you who get to see Little Man all the time, my apologies, but seriously....

The cuteness is pretty epic, right?

He's figured out that mommy's phone also takes pictures...which he LOVES.

I can't even answer the phone without hearing "SHEESE!"

And yes, I am the mommy who still lets my child have a paci at night time.

Don't judge me.

He got a teensy tiny haircut.

Not sure who the barber was, but I think he may have had a former career in the Marines....

Sorry about that...

We let him watch a few too many Kevin Costner movies and suddenly he thinks this is totally appropriate....

We're working on teaching him otherwise.

This kid LOVES some food. 

Especially bread.

And pasta.

Hello, Diabetics Anonymous? 

I know.

Just don't look at the food.

Cause it's just gross.

But the cheese face at the dinner table?

Too much to resist!!!

And lest you think it's all cuteness...

This is my child.  Being a boy.

What you are seeing is a crashed car (on the table) that is being pummeled by another car and since that would never be enough - a tractor.

Because that's apparently how things work in boy's worlds....

And these moments...ah....

These moments don't come often anymore.

The sound of baby snores rarely make their way from our backseat these days.

We are usually hearing other sounds like, "Uh Oh, Poo Poo, Mommy" or "AYE-Plane!"

And this moment was too good not to capture.

The tippy toes, the book, the fact that he was screaming "DADDY!  TRACTURE!"

All a memory that I want to remember forever.

Which of course means that I assume you do too.

Man, this mommy gig is pretty sweet!

Now, why don't you give me a call, so I can put you on the phone with my silent child for 30 minutes while I try to get him to say hello to you....


Oh well.  Maybe next time....

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