Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The "Hoarders"

I have a problem.

It came to light last week during my Purge.

I seem to collect...or in the words of my dear, sweet husband, "hoard" some things.

Like my craft supplies...

Not to mention my random collection of picture frames.

And we won't even talk about my secret stash of bags that I have behind my living room sofa....

And most certainly not all those unused dishes....

Or the rubbermaid containers....

And the blankets???

(That's no less than 6 blankets piled on that sofa)

(And 2 more on the other sofa...)
But I refuse to take all the credit myself, here.

I mean, seriously, does anyone need THIS MANY computers sitting on a work desk in their basement?

Yeah, Techy, who's the hoarder now???

Post-Script:  Should any of you be interested in making my former crap, your crap, we're having a yard sale this weekend.  And I'm told that everything (or everything I am in charge of labelling) will be listed for $1 or less.  You know you wanna look!

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