Saturday, March 8, 2014

It's Been a Lifetime

Life is screaming by.

I feel like I spend all my time saying, "Things will slow down when..."

The fact of the matter is life is not going to slow down.

And either I'm ok with that, or I'm not.

For now, I'm ok with that.

But to fill you in on some things going on in my life (in no particular order):

1.  We went to Disney.

2.  My kids are old enough to enjoy Disney.  WOAH.

3.  I ran another Half Marathon.  At Disney.

3.  I'm enjoying some new fitness challenges.  At Home.

4.  I lost all my weight.

5.  I've gained some weight.

6.  I'm lifting weights.

7.  I love weights.

8.  I hate weight.

9.  Little Man can write his own name.  Legibly.

10.  Baby Girl has been Instagram dubbed as #sunshinebaby and will thus be known here.

11.  Sunshine baby pottytrained.  Early.  It wasn't fun.  Or brag worthy.  It was messy.  Really messy.  And frustrating.  But it's done and with the exceptions of some post Disney set backs, I think we are finally there.

12.  My parents are building a house.

13.  My parents are living in a camper.

14.  Polar Vortex.  In Georgia.

15.  Vacation.  Vacation.  Vacation.  (We believe you should teach your kids to love to travel.  Which means, we suffer through alot of teachABLE moments while travelling.  That does not mean we always opt to teach in such moments.  Sometimes we just meltdown too.  I choose to believe it will eventually pay off.)

16.  All things Frozen.  And "Let it go".  At the top of your lungs.  And Sunshine Baby singing "Let it go" at the top of her lungs.  At 2 am.  Over the baby monitor.  I wish I appreciated it more.

And LOTS of other stuff.

Basically, life is getting real up in here.

And I'm getting tired of not talking about it.

Hopefully, I'll find the time to start talking about some of it soon.

Later Tater!