Monday, November 23, 2009


"The Office" is one of our favorite tv shows. We absolutely love it--Michael's antics, Dwight's craziness, Jim and Pam's epic love story, Michael's stupidity. What a great show.

One of my favorite episodes is one in which the whole office goes on mandatory sales calls. During one of the calls that Jim and Dwight are on, Dwight asks the potential customer if he can use his phone. As Jim continues speaking to the prospect about the advantages of working with their company in spite of the fact that they are small without the advantages of the larger chains, Dwight dials a number and lays the phone down, putting the line on speakerphone. After a few moments they are greeted by the automated service line of one of the large chain stores. After several menu choices, the automated system places them on hold to wait an eternity and a half for the next available customer service rep. To prove his point, Jim picks up his cell, promptly dials back to their office, and immediately gets one of their customer service reps…no hassle, no wait. Point made. They make the sale.

I couldn’t help but think of this yesterday as our pastor spoke a message about how big our God is. As one peruses the scriptures, it is difficult to deny the fact that our God is a super big God with all power, holiness, awesomeness, greatness, perfection…. But the thing that struck me during the sermon is that our God is so big that He is able to be small. He has all the resources necessary—like the big chain store, but He provides the personal customer service of the little guys.

I continued to be reminded of it as one of my friends told me a story about her dog disappearing. She said the entire time her dog went missing, she was crying and praying, yet she kept thinking that what she was going through was such a petty thing to be requesting prayer for. Why waste God’s time listening to her cry about her missing pet, when there are so many more important things to be praying for? People are dying of cancer, families have lost loved ones, children have gone missing, and we are praying about a dog? But that’s how big our God is….

In case you don’t want to take my word for it….

Matthew 10:29 states that sparrows, who are really worth nothing by our standards, matter to God to the extent that he has a plan for each of them
Luke 12:27-28 basically says that God takes care of the flowers on the ground, and they do nothing for him…how much more is he going to care about our concerns?

The thing is, God made us because he wanted a relationship—a close relationship. I don’t know how much you know about relationships, but usually, if you are in a close relationship with someone, things that matter to them, even small things, matter to you. Things that hurt them—even little things—rile you up, make you want to tear people’s hair out (not that God actually goes there, I am sure he is much more civil in his anger).

Point being, God cares. Big things…little things…it does not matter to my God. If it matters to me, it matters to Him. He’s just that big.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Reasonable Responsibility

I think it makes sense for me to be reflecting on responsibility at this point in my life. Seems like I am confronted with it at every turn. I realize it is likely due to the age I am and the age of my friends, but I find it funny that we are the ones making these decisions and being the responsible parties. Even more amazing are the people who I thought would be successful and responsible that have failed-most of them, epically.

Responsibility is seen as so many different things anymore. Some see it as being true to yourself no matter the cost, while others see it as self sacrifice no matter the cost. And fiscal responsibility is a term that is said daily on almost every news network out there (yet no one seems to be practicing it). I think my best definition of responsibility would be making decisions with the knowledge that your decisions and actions affect more than just yourself.

For instance, my decision to learn the Beyonce's "Single Ladies" dance in order to perform at my friends' wedding in December is a responsible decision since it will not only help me get in shape for delivering this baby, but it will give my friends a wedding memory that will last forever--enormous pregnant woman shaking her booty on the dance floor at their wedding one week before her due date, hopefully going into labor right then and there?! What an honour! Hopefully, their photographer is as responsible as I am and will snap some amazing pictures of the moment!

My hubby and I had a long conversation this morning about where we feel our responsibilities lie at this point in our life. Obviously, the "Single Ladies" dance made it to the top of the list, closely followed by Black Friday Shopping (fiscal responsibility) and finally prepping for Little Man, whose arrival is getting closer every day.

(Did I mention that I am pregnant? Bet you didn't know that yet...I really don't like to talk about myself too much.)

As far as Black Friday shopping, we really only participate due to the thrill of the chase...there is nothing we really need or want right now (other than a year's worth of diapers, formula, and money for day care) so when we discussed the infamous day-after-holiday-that-has-pretty-much-become-a-new-holiday, this year we aren't on a quest for any particular items and are waiting to see the sale papers and determine what is too good a deal to pass up since we will probably need it at some point in the future.

As for prepping for baby, now even we have begun throwing around the term "fiscal responsibility". Not that fiscal responsibility is something that can ever be achieved once the little guy is here. (From what I understand, once you have children, money grows wings and flies so fast you don't even see it leaving your wallet.) My plan is to not plan and let life happen. My husband hates my plan. He wants to plan every detail, but my argument is that we can't know how things are going to pan out and we certainly can't know how much this decision is going to cost upfront. That's just not the way this works! But I do know this--it's going to be worth it all!

And personally, I think that is only reasonable.

Friday, November 13, 2009

"Surviving" the "Reality"

I have developed a recent love for must see tv, including, but not limited to reality television. Last year, Techy and I got a free DVR upgrade in our new cable package, and in order to fit in with convo's at the water cooler, we started DVRing some of the more popular shows...the Office, Survivor, House, American Idol.... Needless to say, we love it.

This is a copy of an email I sent my sister earlier today. (Spoiler alert if you have not seen Survivor this week!)

"Oh my gosh...I honestly thought I was going to hate this season, but it is amazing. Allow me to catch you up....

Last night, they turned the tables big time. Russell (who I really DESPISED at the beginning of the game) continues to find immunity idols without any clues. They just got to the merge last week with 8 on one side (team Galu) and 4 on the other(team Foa Foa). Last week, the smaller team that Russell(FF) is on convinced the bigger team(G) that they needed to vote off their strongest player because he was really manipulative. That brought it down to 7(G) and 4(FF). In the meantime, Shambo (who is by far the biggest idiot ever as well as a member of the larger tribe-G) hates her team and loves Russell's team. It was an easy transition for them to swing her to their side, her whole team hates her and she hates them. Making the totals more like 6-5 right?

Stick with me now... Last night, Russell found his second immunity idol with NO CLUES. Meanwhile, the other team completely hates him and tried to vote him off using ALL their votes on him. And what did Russell's team do? Of course, they all knew about the idol and were banking on the other team trying to vote him off, so they ganged up and voted another member of the bigger team off.

BOO YEAH! They just leveled the playing field. With Shambo hating her own team, the game is now 5-5! I LOVE REALITY TELEVISION!"

I realize that I am a little overly passionate about it, but it makes me think.

I love it when something/someone that I interpret to be weak proves to be stronger than I ever thought possible, and I do not think that I am alone in that. I would say that many enjoy seeing the underdog overcome.

Right now, I identify with the underdogs.... I am tired, sore, weak, vulnerable and more scared than ever of the daunting responsibility that is mere weeks away. (44 days, to be exact) But I take comfort in the continued reminder that as a child of God, his "power is made perfect in weakness..." and "when I am weak, then I am strong". (2 Cor. 12:9-11)

(How sweet is that?! I think it deserves a fist pump, but probably from someone with a little less arm flab than I have, so one of you will have to do it for me...if you are even reading this...oh well...I guess He knows my intentions...)

Lord knows I am going to need some of that strength to shake up the reality that I will soon be living in!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Remarkable remarks....

Ummm, so did I mention that I am extremely new at this blogging thing?

I didn't promise to be good at it!

I just realized today that people actually have commented on my blog! I am popular! (Double fist pump combined with an amazing high kick in honor of my popularity!) I have waited all my life to have people follow me! Now there are 6 of you. AMAZING! I have really achieved something.

In case you haven't read the comments or weren't one of the ones to comment, don't feel bad. I completely understand. But so you know, people are clamoring for me to post a video when I get the Single Ladie's dance down pat, Techno Geek should be renamed either Dexter or Tknog33k, and the fist pump action should live on for as long as possible!

I am on top of the world.

In other news, tonight is bound to be a tragic evening. I have 3 boxes behind my desk to take home with me tonight. You may ask what I am planning to do with the boxes. You can't even imagine the sadness--I am boxing shoes. Either for disposal or for relocation to my attic. As difficult as it is to imagine that any girl would want to give up shoes, I have reached the absolute max that my closet will hold and I cannot justify taking closet space away from my unborn baby to house my shoes (most of which are high heels that I can't even wear right now--blast these stupid pregnancy hormones that cause everything on my body to swell!)

Don't cry for me, I am brave. If you feel bad, though, you could comment knowing that it will make me feel popular enough to wash away the tears!

By the way, I need to clear my conscience.... I didn't actually do that amazing high kick from earlier. I know, I know. I am sorry to have fooled you like that, but seriously, take a look at that belly and tell me how you think I am going to get my leg to go anywhere. No, didn't happen. Sorry about that.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Techno Geek...

Had to post this! It totally made me laugh out loud!

Saw this ad this afternoon on :

Remote Controlled Switch Socket (3-Pack)$16.99 $11.99 at Computer Geeks
Computer Geeks is selling this remote controlled switch socket 3-pack for $11.99. Allows remote operation of many electrical devices, including lamps, appliances, and more. Standard shipping is $8.

The funny thing is, my hubby has one of these (not identical, mind you, but same concept) and it is one of his favorite toys. He thinks all things should come with a remote control. To be able to control the power of a lamp from across a room or even upstairs is extremely important to him. Now, I know you have to know at least one person like that...Christmas gift, anyone???

Remind me to tell you a funny story involving this toy and one gullible grandmother sometime.

Let's just say my hubby can be pure evil sometimes!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Unchangeable Marks

Memories are so powerful. For me, they have the strength to put a smile on my face or even make a tear roll down my cheek for no good reason. According to my hubby, I am pretty much one of the most emotional people of all time. I won't deny this. I may actually claim it with pride.

Over the past week or so my Techno Geek and I have been compiling a digital photo album of 2008, and reliving so many memories. Some happy, some sad, and some simply painful memories.

Looking back over last year made me realize something, though. People come in and out of our lives so fast, sometimes only for a season--very few actually make it to "lifers" or the people you will continue to turn to for many years to come. I have no way of knowing for sure who those people may be for me--I have no way of knowing what the future holds at this point.

What I can know is that no matter what comes, I already have alot to be thankful for not only in the people who are still actively involved in my life, but also by those who have moved on. Long term, short term.... Every single one of those people have made an unchangeable mark on my life.

Thanks for that!

Friday, November 6, 2009

A day in the life...

I had a really good idea for today's blog...I forgot it. Sorry. That's today in a nutshell. I have sticky notes all over my desk to help me remember everything that I want/need to do, but most of the time I forget to look at the sticky's and still forget.

Just so you don't walk away feeling empty-handed, my sister sent me this hilarious picture today. You probably won't find it as hilarious as we did....

She dated the picture by the articles of clothing. I dated the the picture by the size of those computer monitors...this is how I know that my Techno Geek is rubbing off on me. (But seriously, I think I wore both that blue dress and that striped black shirt some time in 6th grade...)

The picture took me back to a simpler time when computers were bigger than most office chairs and horizontal stripes were in style.

Thanks for the laugh, sis! I needed that!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Switching Sides

I don't know how anyone does it. It is one of the more difficult things I have ever attempted. When the weight of the world is on you and you just have to change your point of view for some relief. The pain, the raw ache, the agony of it all. I am, of course, referring to trying to roll over in bed these days. Think I am kidding? Try having a 40 lb. bowling ball strapped to your stomach and let the fun begin! It's ridiculous! I am pretty sure beached whales have looked more glamorous floundering on the beach.

Not that I care how I look, anymore. I have determined that what I look like is absolutely the least important thing in my life right now. That isn't to say that I don't fix up...I try, but there is only so much one can do! I only have 4 pair of pants that still fit, and I have about 4-5 long-sleeve shirts. Without doing multiple loads of laundry per week, I could possibly look like a hobo or a misplaced beach bum. All that to say, I am getting as creative with my wardrobe as I am with the contents of my cupboards these days. (I haven't had the time or energy to go grocery shopping in almost a month)

Don't take me wrong, pregnancy isn't all bad. One thing I can say for pregnancy--it definitely teaches you to be thankful for the things you took for granted before. Things like single digit sizes, any amount of time without food on the brain, sleep that isn't interrupted by a full bladder, being able to stay in any one position (whether sitting, standing, lying down, etc.) without getting a backache and swollen feet, bending over...I think you get the gist.

Not that I don't enjoy being pregnant. I did...weeks 4 to 6 and weeks 12 to 24 were great. It was fun, even. I got attention from people, I felt great, I looked great (in spite of some crazy acne that popped up--I blame the hormones), and I slept--oh, how I slept. For the first time in my life, I had the most wonderful, luxurious, restful sleep. Trains could have barrelled through my bedroom, and I wouldn't have noticed!

But alas, those days are gone. I am 32.5 weeks, and as I said before, counting the days. We found out yesterday that Little Man is already about 4.5 lbs. and is head-down, meaning he has started his progression. Part of me is terrified of things to come, but part of me doesn't care! I just want to be able to switch sides in the middle of the night without feeling like I am shifting the world's largest water balloon across my bed.

52 days...52 days...52 days

(By the way, that means that Christmas is exactly 50 days away, so time to get shopping!)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Every year, we celebrate the countdown to the new year. Most of us end up watching the gigantic bedazzled ball drop in Times Square. It wasn’t so long ago that I actually took part in that celebration, on what was admittedly the coldest, wettest, most miserable day ever. It was the first year that Charlie and I was married, and I have never forgotten the experience.

This year, my countdown to the New Year started a little early…somewhere around mid-April to be exact. I could give you an exact date, but that’s a little over the top. Since I want to hold to my reputation of being “under the top” I will spare you.

For you head-scratchers, who don't get it, mid-April was when a simple, everyday trip to the bathroom changed my life. Ok, so it was actually 3 trips to the bathroom, and they weren’t everyday trips to the bathroom. It’s not every day you take a little plastic contraption and hold it under you while you…well, never mind. But all the same, that day changed my life and began the countdown to the New Year.

In case you still haven’t gotten the gist of this, April 15 (ok, so I am over the top) was when I found out that I was going to be joining the ranks of motherhood (the few, the proud, the strong...). And based upon detailed, scientific calculations (also known as the last time "Mother Nature" visited), it was determined that I should deliver this little guy sometime around December 27—4 days before the new year. A new year that holds a very uncertain future, and for once, very few scheduled plans, other than what absolutely has to happen. Feed baby, sleep, eat…repeat.

Today marks 54 days until my due date, 58 days until New Year's. So let the countdown begin! As I stated in my first post, I had several goals that need to be accomplished before Little Man gets here. I am proud to say I accomplished at least one of those goals this week--I finished the curtains for the baby's room. (Can I get a high five, anyone?) I have to say, I am pretty proud of them. They don't look amazing (especially if you look at the back of them, so please if any of you come to my house, do not look at the back of my curtains) but they aren't half bad. My goal for the coming weekend is to finish the remainder of the #1 item from my to-do list--all things baby room.

As soon as that's done I am running to the nearest store that sells giant leotards and tights and buying myself a pair. It would be unfair to myself to start training for the "Single Ladies" dance in anything but the original costume. (Lucky for me, I already have an uncomfortable pair of black heels to wear.)

Hopefully, with just less than 50 days left until Baby Peck's scheduled arrival, I should have completed 1/3 of my goals in my "one last shot for ridiculousness" checklist and well on to 2/3. I figure it should only take me a few days to learn some killer Beyonce moves to shock the crowds with. Can't wait!