Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Every year, we celebrate the countdown to the new year. Most of us end up watching the gigantic bedazzled ball drop in Times Square. It wasn’t so long ago that I actually took part in that celebration, on what was admittedly the coldest, wettest, most miserable day ever. It was the first year that Charlie and I was married, and I have never forgotten the experience.

This year, my countdown to the New Year started a little early…somewhere around mid-April to be exact. I could give you an exact date, but that’s a little over the top. Since I want to hold to my reputation of being “under the top” I will spare you.

For you head-scratchers, who don't get it, mid-April was when a simple, everyday trip to the bathroom changed my life. Ok, so it was actually 3 trips to the bathroom, and they weren’t everyday trips to the bathroom. It’s not every day you take a little plastic contraption and hold it under you while you…well, never mind. But all the same, that day changed my life and began the countdown to the New Year.

In case you still haven’t gotten the gist of this, April 15 (ok, so I am over the top) was when I found out that I was going to be joining the ranks of motherhood (the few, the proud, the strong...). And based upon detailed, scientific calculations (also known as the last time "Mother Nature" visited), it was determined that I should deliver this little guy sometime around December 27—4 days before the new year. A new year that holds a very uncertain future, and for once, very few scheduled plans, other than what absolutely has to happen. Feed baby, sleep, eat…repeat.

Today marks 54 days until my due date, 58 days until New Year's. So let the countdown begin! As I stated in my first post, I had several goals that need to be accomplished before Little Man gets here. I am proud to say I accomplished at least one of those goals this week--I finished the curtains for the baby's room. (Can I get a high five, anyone?) I have to say, I am pretty proud of them. They don't look amazing (especially if you look at the back of them, so please if any of you come to my house, do not look at the back of my curtains) but they aren't half bad. My goal for the coming weekend is to finish the remainder of the #1 item from my to-do list--all things baby room.

As soon as that's done I am running to the nearest store that sells giant leotards and tights and buying myself a pair. It would be unfair to myself to start training for the "Single Ladies" dance in anything but the original costume. (Lucky for me, I already have an uncomfortable pair of black heels to wear.)

Hopefully, with just less than 50 days left until Baby Peck's scheduled arrival, I should have completed 1/3 of my goals in my "one last shot for ridiculousness" checklist and well on to 2/3. I figure it should only take me a few days to learn some killer Beyonce moves to shock the crowds with. Can't wait!

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Sarah Wooldridge said...

I wanted to learn the Beyonce dance too but I decided to run a marathon instead :) Good Luck--I hope you post the video!!