Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Honest Opinion: Purex Complete with Zout Laundry Detergent

Remember that day I went home to find an awesome sample from Purex

Well, they've done it again.

This time they sent me an actual bottle of laundry detergent.

Which couldn't be better timed...

Since the last bottle of laundry detergent I bought ended up in my garage all winter and froze.

Meaning that everytime I go to do laundry, I end up pouring out a lumpy mess of half frozen slush.


And let me tell you, half frozen detergent is not really effective at stain removal.

They sent me a bottle of their most recent released formula with Zout triple enzyme stain remover.

And can I just tell you....

It's amazing!

The triple enzyme power works hardcore!

On three different types of stains....

We're talking grass stains previously engrained on the knees of Techy's jeans - AMAZINGNESS!

No pre-treating, no scrubbing, no problem!

And the stains are gone!

My only wish is that I had gone out and purchased the unscented version to do Little Man's laundry with.

That kiddo likes nothing more than squishing spaghettio's into his what-was-once-white-onesies.


Or pooping up the back of said white onesies....


What's with that?

Whatever, he DID NOT get these traits from me.... 

I can't stand to squish food unless it's a subway sub that won't fit in my mouth.

And pooping up the back? 

Let's not go there....

But his sensitive skin doesn't fair so well with scented detergents, so this was a no go for this go round....

Suffice it to say the only thing coming out of my laundry that still had stains was Little Man's goods.

Even Techy's ink blobs, which end up on almost every cuff or sleeve (apparently my man thinks he is a baton twirler when he has an ink pen in his hand???) G-O-N-E, GOOOOOOOOOOONE.

The best part?

Well, other than the stain removal?

Not one time did I have to worry about whether or not the detergent was safe for my machine.

Because Purex is leading the way in dual compatible detergents.

And this girl couldn't be more thankful.

Now, it's your turn to join in the fun.

Wanna find out how well it works?

Well, lucky you....

I happen to be giving away 2 free bottles.

Just for you guys....

And you have a couple ways to win.....

1. Follow me and comment that you are a follower.
2. Leave me a comment telling me the worst stains you fight.
3. Blog about my giveaway and comment with your link.

This giveaway closes on Tuesday, April 5 at 12 pm. 

Good luck, guys! 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Helpful How To: How We Measured for Our Breakfast Nook

Nevermind the fact that I still have not posted after pics of our breakfast nook.

Let's just forget that little detail, ok?

And focus on HOW we did it.... 

Or rather, how we MEASURED for it...

Mmm Kay?

Because someone actually asked me how we did it.

And practically begged me to post about it.

So, let's start out with a little diagram of our area....


First of all, this is totally NOT to scale.

But you get the idea....

The side closer to the kitchen's wall area is slightly longer than that of the wall at the back door.

And that's a window in the back.

Obviously, we measured each wall, since we wanted the seating to be semi-flush with the walls. 

This gave us our length.

Three different lengths mind you....

But it would be just too easy to take those 3 dimensions and start building wouldn't it?

Determining length was less than cut and dry (total capentry pun - LOVE it) considering that we would be hanging 3/4" plywood on the face of the seats. 

Also, did you know that 3/4" plywood is not really 3/4" thick? 

It's more like 10/16". 

So yeah.

We had to build our frames to allow for 10/16" worth of facing board on each end plus 1/2" thick trim.

So length is X and X = desired length - 10/16" - 1/2".

Got it.

NOW we have the lengths.

And now we have to decide on height and depth.

Sounds easy right?

You see, we had to figure out the depth we wanted the seats at. 

This is also known as how far the seat comes out from the wall for those of you who are especially fond of lesser technical terms.

And of course, at some point, we needed to figure out height.

Or how high the seat is from the floor.

Oh and the depth would eventually affect the length of the other benches, so choose carefully....
Who's still following?

Pretty sure I can see about 6 of you still scratching your heads....
It's ok, I'm getting there.

With such a high pressure decision on the line, we decided to get EXTREMELY technical.

We pulled out one of our chairs and measured the height and depth.

And used those measurements.


Mind-blowing stuff, right?

Well, technically, if you want the seat to mirror the height and depth of your chair, it still isn't ginger peachy keen.


Math is involved.  AGAIN.

Only with height, you have to subtract out 9/16" PLUS whatever thickness foam you decide to use.

So TECHNICALLY height = Y and Y = desired height - 10/16" - 1.5" (in our case)

And depth?

Um, duh....

Desired Depth = D and D = desired height - 10/16" - 1/2" trim.
Now, for those of you who are still following...

And wondering how in the heck depth effects length....

Here's a picture for you.

This one might help a little more....


Well, we couldn't determine the LENGTH of the middle bench until we build the 2 side boxes to the desired DEPTH.

AND THEN, we measured.

And built.

The good news?

Once you get to this point, all the hard work is done.

Unless, of course, you want facing boards....

And then the math gets ALL CRAZY again....

We started with the INSIDE facing pieces.

And had them cut to the length of the benches PLUS 10/16" to meet up with each edge piece, with the width being the same as the height of the frames.

Then the edge pieces were simply cut to match the dimensions of the end frames.

Finally, the middle face was cut to the height of the frame by the length of the frame MINUS 1 1/4". 

But at THIS point, it finally did get easy.

Because all that was left was priming, sanding, painting and caulking. 

Oh and upholstering....

Which I did not take any pictures of.

But since this post isn't about upholstering, I am totally in the clear...

Don't you love me?

Final result looks something like this.

So yeah.

How many of you are totally wanting to try your hand at this simple algebraic equation in disguise?

For the record, when I was in 7th grade and said I would never use math for anything worthwhile, I was totally wrong.


And for the record, I am sharing this at Amanda's Weekend Bloggy Reading Party. 

Weekend Bloggy Reading

As well as over at Miss Mustard Seed's Furniture Feature Friday.

Because the world should know that math is for more than balancing checkbooks.

Head on over and see what everyone else is doing this week!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sand in my Boots

You may have noticed in yesterday's running post, that I didn't do that run in my back yard or at my local park.

Unless my local park has a board walk....

Which it doesn't.


So yeah.

We weren't home this weekend.

Techy and a couple of his buddies managed to search out one weekend when they were all off at the same time and work out a little beach retreat.

I have been operating under the assumption that it was actually a  little early birthday celebration.

For moi.

Nevermind the fact that it was the only weekend that all the boys had off at the same time for weeks to come.

Because we all know my birthday is more important than boy bonding time....

Either way, we went to the beach.

Things we learned on this trip?

My kid likes to walk/run/stand on the beach.


Also, he has already learned how to gawk at the girls on the beach.

Let's all just be thankful he still has his shirt on and his isn't showing off is spray tan or six pack abs, yet.

It was a New Jersey beach, after all....

However, the whole running/standing/walking on the beach thing could change at a moment's notice...

If he has the opportunity to swipe a shovel or a bucket from one of the girls.

(Swiping a bucket...)

(Swiping a shovel...)

(Sweet Victory!)

And then sitting in the sand was just fine.


Apparently, boy bonding time starts at a very young age.

Like 15 months.

And don't even get me started on girl gossip....

Pretty sure I heard the work, "Guido" at least once.

That was when I broke things up as quickly as possible.

Another thing to be noted is the fact that cranky toddlers are like rotten only takes one to ruin the whole lot.

Although, no one knows for sure who the "one" was since they were all cranky....


Did you know, there happens to be a distinct difference in the way that boys approach sand versus how girls approach sand?

Boys build.

And dig.

And generally throw sand around.


Girls play in it.

They push it in the bucket.

They push it out of the bucket.

Or they sit on mommy's lap while mommy pushes the sand in the bucket.....

Of course, while I was too silly to bring a coat out on the beach with me, I did remember my boots.

Which is a step up from these crazies...

Who braved the weather and bore (bare?  bared?  bored?...who knows!?!?!) their toes....

But don't even get me started on the food....

The crazy delicious food....

I am pretty sure there is something in the air at the beach that makes all food takes better.

And low fat.

Or at least worth eating.

But at the end of the day, none of that changes the fact that after lots and lots of shaking, there is STILL sand in my boots.

Can I get a Do Over???

In the past 24 hours, I had word vomit all over myself, I burned crock pot macaroni, I kicked Techy while he was down, and I just discovered that I put my underwear on inside out. 


Great day.

However, I have a freebie for you....

For the next 60 hours is giving away free makeup.

All you have to do is sign up here.

PS. For those reading this in a reader, you have to go to my blog to see the link. 

My bad. 

No.  NoMoreRack's bad.  Faulty links and all....

Monday, March 28, 2011

Off Target

Man, am I feeling good today.

Cranky, but very, very good.

It could have something to do with the fact that after what finally felt like an eternity of cravings this weekend, I finally came in contact with this stuff....

But I'm guessing it has more to do with this....

For those of you who may be new to my blog or may not understand what you are looking at, THAT is an 8 mile run.


Something that up until a few months ago, I thought was completely impossible for me.

And it was easy.

Blissfully easy.

Not painless. 

But easy.

We didn't push for amazing speed. 

We ran for fun.

And distance.

And managed a personal best for as far as distance for me.

And it was awesome.

Right on target for my half marathon challenge next weekend....

When I plan to run 13.1 in 3 days by breaking up the distance into a 4.1 mile run and a 9 mile run.

So now, how many of you are scratching your heads in confusion at the title of my post?

OFF Target?

Well, last week, my friend Cindi posted about her New Year's Resolution to run 500 miles this year.

And suddenly, I was like - "Woah!  That's only 10 miles a week! I could so do that!"

And as far as I know, there's no rule about only making resolutions at New Year's.

But even if there were....


So I started checking up on myself.

According to Dailymile, this is where I'm at...

104 miles, with March ending this week.

Leaving me sitting about 21 miles below target for the 1st Quarter.

Which would be a little off target for a 500 mile average.

Now, realistically, if I am going to working on baby numero dos, this year, a 500 mile goal might be a little adventurous anyway.

But there's no hurt on shooting for a goal, right?

And there aren't any rules about it...although, need I remind you???


Didn't think so.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Pride Is More than a Number


I know this person....

Whose husband is obsessed with all things technology....

And who may or may not have multiple, technology related businesses on the side.

She may or may not live with me.

And she may or may not BE me.

I'll never tell....

But back to this husband of hers....

He got his first cell phone right after he got his first job.

Which is saying something, since he got his first job at the age of 16 and that was what, 15 years ago?

As in, he had his first cell phone about the same time as her dad was impressively flaunting his "bag phone".

A long, long time ago....

Ok, so maybe it wasn't THAT long ago, but you get the what I'm saying, right?

Anyway, this dude got "lucky" and wound up with one of the most awesome numbers of all time.

IF you ask him.

I would say he got STUCK with the number.

But he's a glass half full type person.

And he got LUCKY when someone made the mistake and gave him a business number. 

You know, something easy to remember.

His number ended in 000.

And he considered it a GOLD MINE of a number.

I mean, businesses PAY for a number like that! 

And he had gotten it for free, by some customer service trainee who didn't know what they were doing.



On and on.

About a stupid cell phone number.

When practically NO ONE had cell phones yet.

But then it happened. 

Someone started receiving calls from lots and lots of numbers he didn't recognize.

And the conversations almost always went the same way.

Techy: Hello?
Caller: Hi, can I speak to the pharmacist, please?
Techy: Excuse me?
Caller:  Is this Happy Harry's?
Techy: No.  This is ME.  Not Happy Harry's.
Caller: Sorry, I must have the wrong number.
Techy: Yep.  You must.

And of course, this wouldn't be too annoying.

Unless it was happening ALL.THE.TIME.

But would Techy ever part with his way cool cell phone number over a stupid annoyance like wasted minutes every month?


I'll have you know that to this day, he still has the same number.

I think he may go down in the "Cell Phone Hall of Fame" for holding his number longer than anyone EVER.

I'll also have you know, he still gets calls for Happy Harry's occasionally.

And I'll further have you know he still brags about the awesomeness of his number.

AND the fact that he gets calls for Happy Harry's.

Although why anyone would ever want to have a number where people randomly call you asking about how long until the Viagra will wear off is beyond me....

Weekly Weigh-In # 22

Remember last week, when I said, based upon my current average, we would all be happy to see me reach my pre-preggo weight this week?

Looks like I spoke too soon!

Good thing I don't care anymore, right?

After all, I did this this week....

And after this...the scale is just a bunch of numbers.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Honest Opinion: Why a High-Tech Monitor and a High-Tech Daddy Don't Mix

Ever had one of those moments where you wanted to scream "DUH!" for hours?

Um, yeah.

So here's a little story for you....

About 2 months ago, someone got an amazing deal on a top of the line baby monitor.

Yes, I know....

We were with our previous baby monitor

But alas, what I once thought was Bella-loves-Edward love, turned out to be Bella-might-love-Jacob love, when this pretty little thing entered my life.

And just like that the old dude got kicked to the curb.

Because this pretty little thing turns out to be awesomer than awesomesauce.

And only partially because we got it on sale for $79.

And only partially because we can add other cameras to it when they become necessary.

And only partially because it has a 2 way talking feature - so mommy can talk to baby through the remote.


Oh, and did I mention that we totally used swagbucks to take $20 off the total price?

So we only ended up paying $59.99 for a $400 baby monitor?

Um, yeah.

This puppy would be the perfect addition for baby numero dos. 

(Who, by the way, is not in existence yet....  I PROMISE.)

When we first got it, I was determined that I was not going to use it until such a time as it became necessary.

But then there was a little mishap with the old one. 

Did I mention it has a two-way talking feature?

The mishap may have been slight, but it was just the excuse we needed....

So out it came.

Much to Techy's delight.

And much to my dismay.

Do you know how many times I have nearly peed myself while trying to put the baby to bed, only to hear an eerie voice over my shoulder?

And then the sound of Techy laughing over the 2-way speaker.

Um, practically nightly.

I should be used to it by now.

But last night, we crossed new thresholds of annoyance with the new "toy".

Last night at 10:30 p.m. Techy decided he wanted nothing more than to hear Little Man say, "Dad-dy!" in his adorable baby voice.

So last night at 10:30 p.m. Techy screeched "DAD-DY!" over the 2 way speaker system on the monitor.

Despite all my warnings of what would happen.

And just as he predicted, Little Man stirred, sat up, looked at the monitor and said, "Dad-dy!" in his adorable little voice.

Then he rolled over and went back to sleep.


(As an aside, how long has it been since I said, "NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ?

I am pretty sure the last time I did I was wearing a ponytail on the side of my head, but whatever....)

So yeah....

At this point, Little Man was UP.

As in wide awake. 

As in standing up.

Holding his blanket.


Staring at the monitor.

More Crying.


Waiting for mommy.

Or daddy.

Or anyone who might rescue him from his blanket prison.

Until 2 am. 

Not that we didn't try to calm him down.

Just that no matter what we did he would not go back to bed.

Lessons to be learned here?

If you, like me, have a super-nifty, super-awesome baby monitor...

And if you, like me, have a super awesome, but sometimes annoying hubby who is super in love with all things technology AND toddlers who say "Dad-dy!" super adorably....

DO NOT, and I really mean DO NOT allow him anywhere near your baby monitor if your baby is actually sleeping.

Otherwise, you, like me, may reap the reward that comes with allowing your hubby to wake your baby with the super-nifty two-way talking feature. 

Yes, they are cool.

But it's just not worth it!

Trust me!

P.S.  Thanks to Amanda, I will be sharing this post over at her weekend blog reading party....  Head on over to see what everyone else is doing this week, while I am still trying to catch up on some much needed rest....
Weekend Bloggy Reading

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Helpful-How-To: How to divert your eye doctor from SEEING too much

Wanna know a funny little secret about me?

I DESPISE going to the eye doctor.

As in, more than I hate the dentist.

I know.


I chalk it up to how long I've been going and how blind I am.

Another funny little fact: I waited for a full 2 years before seeing an eye doctor after first moving to Delaware.

I know.

So terrible.

I just hate it that much!

Nevermind the fact that I could no longer see out of my contacts at the time.

Had it not been for a naggy-naggy husband, I would have waited at least that long before going back again.

But I did go back.

When I was pregnant.

And got yelled at.

By a doctor who apparently cares about eyes.

This year, I was determined that nonsense was not going to happen again.

It has been over a year since my last visit, so I walked into my doctor's office with my game face on.

Fully prepped, I played the part of a good student.

I said all the right things.

I asked all the right questions.

I laughed at the optometric jokes that I didn't get.

I acted supremely interested when he gave me a list of "contact friendly" make-ups - even actually reading through a time or two.

I talked in great detail about how my eyes were affected by my pregnancy.

I almost fell out of my chair when he showed me the pictures of the back of my eyes - which by the way, are extremely healthy.

I asked about how/if my hypothyroidism could affect my vision.

I even let him ramble on about eyes, just like I would let Techy ramble on about technology. 
(There are some people who just love what they do, and the only thing they love more than their jobs is TALKING about their jobs.)

I may have even batted the baby blues a time or two.

And you know what?
I did NOT in any way get reprimanded about my failure to be punctual with my visit.
I also did not get dialated....
So yeah.
I guess I will continue to employ these methods until further notice.
Lookout dentist - you are next!
Sorry peeps!  I'm off to go brush up my knowledge on bicuspid health over the long term....

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shameless Begging of a Soon-to-be 30 Year Old

Dear Stephenie Meyer,

I know you're "burned out on vampires", but really....

Could you pretty, pretty please just do this one little favor for me and finish Midnight Sun already?

Yes, I can only imagine the anger and irritation caused by someone leaking your manuscript, but really....

Your fans (even the 30 year old ones) are DYING for this book.

I am dying for this book! (That would be the 30 year old one)

Oh, and while you are at it, if you could go ahead and re-write the other 3 books from Edward's perspective, that would be fabulous.

I am dying for those too.  (What?!  I happen to have a THING for vampire books.  Well, CLEAN vampire books...)

What's that?  You have kids?  And a life?

Blah, blah, blah....

Would it change anything if I said I NEED it?

I mean, really.

Like life or death need it?

For the last 2 years, since I read the series through for the first time, I have spent more time than any adult woman should wondering what exactly Edward did when he left and let Bella hang out with Jacob. 

I mean, really.

Would Edward really have left her with NO protection knowing that Victoria could be somewhere out there?



I DON'T KNOW?!?!! 

And it seriously bothers me.

And since I am sure you want to know, I am totally Team Edward.

Oh, and has anyone ever told you that you look a little like Sandra Bullock?

Credit                                Credit

It's awesomesauce.



P.S. To my blog readers - Please don't judge me based upon my love of all things Twilight, k?  Let's be friends IN SPITE of my ridiculousness....  Pretty please?

Good Mail

I heart good mail days. 

And yesterday was an amazing one!

Yesterday I got my very first birthday gift.

Apparently, it pays to post your wishlist online....

Because my very good, very missed friend, Cindi, sent me this...

I know you are thinking I won't be able to wear this for long, but I am here to tell you that this is the kind of scarf you can wear in ANY weather!
And you can't imagine my excitement when I opened the package to see this girl's business card...

You know, after months and months of stalking her blog and sweating her style!

Thanks, Cindi for making my day!

And if you've never, click over to each of these girls' blogs and make their day!

Monday, March 21, 2011

When the Want-To Ain't Strong Enough...

I just hafta get something off my chest.

It may not be pretty.

But by golly, I just gotta get it out there.

Yesterday, someone approached me to tell me that I my weightloss journey has been an inspiration to them.

I know, right?


An inspiration?

Clearly she doesn't read all my whininess on ye olde blogge....

But in the same breath she said, "But it's also starting to make me feel more discouraged about myself...."

I felt for her. 

I've been there.

Watching everyone else around me losing weight...

While I am STUCK.

It is really so discouraging. 

So I started to offer her suggestions....

Little things.

Getting outdoors now that spring is here....

Free On-Demand workout videos.


Wii Fit...

All of them shot down.

And then she said the words that I myself said not long ago, "I'm not a runner...."

I was NOT A RUNNER too.

But I was determined.

A year ago, I was overweight, discouraged and frustrated too.

But instead of making excuses I made priorities.

I knew, and have known, that there are only a few good ways to lose the weight.

I know you have to eat right.  Consistently.

I know you have to move.  Alot.

And I know you have to allow yourself to not be so restricted that you give up on day 3.

I was a new mom.

A new mom who worked 40 hours a week.

I had stress seeping out of every pore on my body.

The only time I had to exercise was at 8 or 9 o' clock at night after he went to bed.

My treadmill was broken.

My elliptical still wasn't up and running.

So I walked during my lunch break.

And at night instead of sitting on the couch watching tv, I pulled out a step stool...

(A $6 step stool...)

And stair stepped for an hour.

Please don't hear this as a preachy preachy - "I'm better than you" post!

This is an "I know how you feel" post.

Don't ever be restricted by the things you can't do.

Don't ever be restricted by the things you can't change.

Because there are things you can.

I am living proof of that.

On March 23, 2010, I posted my wide-open book weight loss post

That was the day I broke all the rules and posted my weight for all the world to see.  I weighed in at 171.2 after about 4 weeks of working out.

I had lost 7 lbs. from my original 178 lbs.

Today, almost 1 year later, my current weight is 137.8 lbs. 

That's only 33 lbs.

Thirty three lbs. sounds like nothing for a whole year's worth of work.

But considering that this weekend I easily buttoned and zipped a pair of shorts that were too small for me pre-baby, I'm ok with that.

Weight loss is slow.

Weight loss is not easy for everyone.

But in the end, when you can physically see the changes.

When you go from being depressed about your pant size to being energized by your new-found strength....

You know you've found something worth hanging on to.

Please don't make excuses!

Make priorities!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

8 Days: The Entry

8 Days: The Entry
Matthew 1:1-11
1 Now when they drew near to Jerusalem, to Bethphage and Bethany, at the Mount of Olives, Jesus sent two of his disciples
2 and said to them, "Go into the village in front of you, and immediately as you enter it you will find a colt tied, on which no one has ever sat. Untie it and bring it.
3 If anyone says to you, 'Why are you doing this?' say, 'The Lord has need of it and will send it back here immediately.'"
4 And they went away and found a colt tied at a door outside in the street, and they untied it.
5 And some of those standing there said to them, "What are you doing, untying the colt?"
6 And they told them what Jesus had said, and they let them go.
7 And they brought the colt to Jesus and threw their cloaks on it, and he sat on it.
8 And many spread their cloaks on the road, and others spread leafy branches that they had cut from the fields.
9 And those who went before and those who followed were shouting, "Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!
10 Blessed is the coming kingdom of our father David! Hosanna in the highest!"
11 And he entered Jerusalem and went into the temple. And when he had looked around at everything, as it was already late, he went out to Bethany with the twelve.

The book of Mark (8:31, 10:33, 45) is seemingly a build up to Christ's demise. He himself spends a good portion of time warning his disciples about what is coming. And yet, when his disciples arrive on the scene in Jerusalem expecting the worst, they are greeted with full acceptance. They arrive looking for a donkey to borrow, nay-TAKE, and no one minds at all. Can you imagine their confusion? 

They walk into Jerusalem expecting Jesus to be immediately confronted by conflict. But instead they are greeted with praising and rejoicing.

And yet....

He entered the city on a young donkey...not a beautiful and powerful horse, but the people rejoiced as though it was. (Zechariah 9:9, psalm 118:25) why? These Jews knew the prophecy of old. They knew that their Messiah would arrive on a young colt.  They recognized the signs, but their expectations were off...they were expecting their Messiah to arise and kick Rome and their ruling powers to the curb.  

Jesus had zero ambitions of sitting on an earthly throne (Mark 10:42-45). His expectations were not any that the people could understand. Even his disciples were confused...Why else did Jesus continually warn them about the upcoming events?  Look at Peter, Thomas, and even Judas.... They did not yet have a full understanding of what Christ had come to do.  They did not yet have an understanding of what the purpose of the Messiah was.

And yet he did it anyway.  He died for people who hated him.  For those who did not recognize him. And even for those who turned their backs on him....


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Weekly Weigh-In #21

Well, after about a year's worth of work.

And many, many weigh-in's later...

You understand the significance, right?


Nevermind the point eight...

Because it starts with a ONE THREE SEVEN!!!!!


Only .8 from pre-preggo weight. 

And it feels so good. 

That's officially .8 from last week's weight.

Which is apparently my average weekly weight loss these days.

And I couldn't be happier! 

Come back next week to {hopefully} see me reach pre-preggo weight and celebrate....

We'll see! 

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Hush...

Today, I am keeping quiet, and praying for healing...and perhaps the sound of a still small voice....

1 Kings 19: 11-12
And behold, the LORD passed by, and a great and strong wind tore into the mountains and broke the rocks in pieces before the LORD, but the LORD was not in the wind; and after the wind an earthquake, but the LORD was not in the earthquake; and after the earthquake a fire, but the LORD was not in the fire; and after the fire a still small voice.

Organized by Ever Ours and Utterly Engaged.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Honest Opinion: Huggies Enjoy the Ride Rewards

Please tell me that you collect Enjoy The Ride Rewards.

And don't tell me you don't use Huggies.

Or that you don't have kids in diapers.

Because almost every money saving website out there has reward codes posted.

And the points are redeemable for non-baby related items as well as diapers, wipes, etc.


You didn't know that!?

Well, please, allow me to be the first to educate you.

Because Enjoy the Ride Rewards are awesome!

If you follow Frugal Girls (which practically everyone I know does, so...yeah, join THAT club...) you know that about once a week she will put out a list of Pampers Gift to Grow Codes as well as Huggies Enjoy the Ride Codes.

All you have to do is log those.

Now, you could save those to redeem for any of the items in the rewards a talking duck clock for 574 points.

Um. Wow.
You big spender, you!

I mean, really, not much beats a talking duck clock....

But that's just not my style....

So your other options? could use them to play the instant win games....

For a chance to win things like a $10 Subway gift card or a $15 Kohl's gift card or free wipes - because let's all admit that we use wipes for LOTS of things other than our babies....

And you get to attempt to do things like make a baby blow bubbles in the bath or pee-pee in the potty or slide across the ice on sleds....

I know, I know.

Whoa, Leah!  Hold back on all that excitement for a minute! 

You just BLEW MY MIND!

I'll admit, it's pretty exciting stuff, if I do say so myself.

Way cooler than a duck clock!

And I'd be lying if I didn't tell you that for a moment I get the same kind of high as I do when I am playing one of these...

Although, I would have no idea if I had won anything from the picture above. 

I much prefer something easier to understand...and a little more exciting to play...

Not that I would ever....


Back to Huggies.

And the Instant Win Slots, er, Games....

(Is it hot in here...?)

Clearly, in my opinion, this is a FAR better way to spend my hard earned rewards.

Whether I win or not.

Because it's way more fun.


And I have already come away with something better than a talking duck clock...

By getting to calm the gambling-frenzied beast within without having to sacrifice my hard earned MONEY.

That being said, I better go play before I get all hot and bothered and end up in Delaware Park for the rest of the day.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Guest Posting

Hey all! 

Just a heads up...

I am guest posting over at my sister's blog, Debt Dumper's Anonymous.

Hop on over and take a look at a new and improved version of me! 

And say hi to my sister!  I know she will love having you!

30 things I want for my 30th Birthday

It's here, peep's. 

In just a few days, I will be 30 years old....

And I thought in honor of the occasion, I would share the top 30 things that are on my list this year.

  • In absolutely no order at all.

Except how my head is spitting them out at me....

1. Running Shoes. Real ones.  Saucony's Or Asic's. Or anything that’s a real running shoe.  Guess I should really go find out what's best for me.


2. This paper towel holder. Been coveting it for YEARS. Literally. YEARS. Why I have never bought it for myself I’ll never know. Possibly because I can’t bring myself to spend $35 on something to hold paper towels. But I want it and I want it now.

3. A ticket to see Wicked. In NYC. I don’t care who goes as long as I get to. It’s been a dream for oh, you know, EVER!

4. This to be my foyer.  Only I want board and batten instead of trim work.

5. My mommy. I want her to live in my back yard. Basically.
Pretty sure the Techmeister might take issue with this wish.
My mom may too, considering the current state of my back yard.

6. Another one of these…

7. A winning Powerball ticket to help pay for one of those.  And maybe a helicopter. 

8. Butcher Block Countertops & a Farmhouse sink.
What?! A girl can dream, right?

(If you get a chance, click that link under the picture and see the INCREDIBLE tranformation that this kitchen underwent!  Absolutely breathtaking!)

9. A bathtub in my tiny closet of a bathroom. But considering that I just lived a year of my life without being able to take a shower in my bathroom, I really should just be thankful to have use of that again.

10. A new backsplash.  Yes.  We've talked about this before.  And yes.  I still want it.  Thankyouverymuch. 

11. A stretchmark-less tummy.

12. Bethenny’s boobs.

Yes.  I know....  Roll your eyes....  I understand.

13. Panties that fit.

14. My very own nail gun.  Or brad nailer.  Or whatever it is that I need to hang trim.

15. A table saw. Also...someone to teach me how to use the table saw without cutting off any limbs.

16. This for my foyer. Yet another one of those things that I have coveted for years and never purchased.

17. One of these ruffled scarves.

18. Boots that don’t squeeze my calves.  Or maybe skinnier calves.  Whatever works.

19. A tufted headboard.

20. Awesome legs. (18 and 20 may be is unclear at this point...)

21. World Peace.  You know, like every good Miss United States contestant.

22. Christmastime in NYC…all I’ve ever had was New Years Eve…also known as the most miserable 18 hours of my life.

23. A stinkin box of Samoa’s. Someone please help me find them!!!

24. 50 blog followers. (It’s just a little request, people…)

25. 30 comments on this post….  Since I am already pushing things....

26. The cord that runs from the router in our office to the play station in the basement to be gone. Permanently. Hello, electricians…. Or anyone who knows how to run wiring…your help could be useful to fulfilling my 30th birthday wishes….

27. To be able to run 13.1 over 3 days by my birthday…. That’s a lot of ground to cover in three days….

28. Pedicures for life. Or just one that won’t chip the first time I go running.

29. To magically lose 7 lbs. by eating pizza and samoa ice cream.

30. A mantel...and maybe a fireplace. Although, I am thinking I should just build myself one...

That's all.

Just a few normal everyday birthday wishes.

Or dreams. 

After all, a dream is a wish your heart makes....