Friday, March 25, 2011

Pride Is More than a Number


I know this person....

Whose husband is obsessed with all things technology....

And who may or may not have multiple, technology related businesses on the side.

She may or may not live with me.

And she may or may not BE me.

I'll never tell....

But back to this husband of hers....

He got his first cell phone right after he got his first job.

Which is saying something, since he got his first job at the age of 16 and that was what, 15 years ago?

As in, he had his first cell phone about the same time as her dad was impressively flaunting his "bag phone".

A long, long time ago....

Ok, so maybe it wasn't THAT long ago, but you get the what I'm saying, right?

Anyway, this dude got "lucky" and wound up with one of the most awesome numbers of all time.

IF you ask him.

I would say he got STUCK with the number.

But he's a glass half full type person.

And he got LUCKY when someone made the mistake and gave him a business number. 

You know, something easy to remember.

His number ended in 000.

And he considered it a GOLD MINE of a number.

I mean, businesses PAY for a number like that! 

And he had gotten it for free, by some customer service trainee who didn't know what they were doing.



On and on.

About a stupid cell phone number.

When practically NO ONE had cell phones yet.

But then it happened. 

Someone started receiving calls from lots and lots of numbers he didn't recognize.

And the conversations almost always went the same way.

Techy: Hello?
Caller: Hi, can I speak to the pharmacist, please?
Techy: Excuse me?
Caller:  Is this Happy Harry's?
Techy: No.  This is ME.  Not Happy Harry's.
Caller: Sorry, I must have the wrong number.
Techy: Yep.  You must.

And of course, this wouldn't be too annoying.

Unless it was happening ALL.THE.TIME.

But would Techy ever part with his way cool cell phone number over a stupid annoyance like wasted minutes every month?


I'll have you know that to this day, he still has the same number.

I think he may go down in the "Cell Phone Hall of Fame" for holding his number longer than anyone EVER.

I'll also have you know, he still gets calls for Happy Harry's occasionally.

And I'll further have you know he still brags about the awesomeness of his number.

AND the fact that he gets calls for Happy Harry's.

Although why anyone would ever want to have a number where people randomly call you asking about how long until the Viagra will wear off is beyond me....

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