Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Molar of the Story

Can someone please tell me why on earth it takes a small eternity for molars to come in?

I haven't had many complaints about Little Man of late.

These days being a mommy has pretty much been kicks and giggles.

With the exception of one thing.

Make that 4 things....

That's right people...contrary to what you may think or what you may have been told by "The Waterboy",
Girls are not the Devil....

But I have it on good authority that molars, may be.

In the last week, the molars have been credited with making my life a walking zombie-world.

Little Man's constantly got his hands in his mouth.  Both of them.

He's constantly whiny.

He's constantly clingy.

And he's consistently waking up at 4 am crying with his hands yet again in his mouth.

Don't ask me why 4 am. 

And he drools more than Gizmo.

And can I just say, this is not the easiest battle to fight.

Although, can I just say, I have fought it from every angle I know how...


Which has pretty much only served to do this...

Man, I can't wait till this phase passes....

1 comment:

Cortney said...

Love the little animations! I don't know which one is worse, when the teeth come in or the teeth come out in a few years.