Wednesday, March 16, 2011

30 things I want for my 30th Birthday

It's here, peep's. 

In just a few days, I will be 30 years old....

And I thought in honor of the occasion, I would share the top 30 things that are on my list this year.

  • In absolutely no order at all.

Except how my head is spitting them out at me....

1. Running Shoes. Real ones.  Saucony's Or Asic's. Or anything that’s a real running shoe.  Guess I should really go find out what's best for me.


2. This paper towel holder. Been coveting it for YEARS. Literally. YEARS. Why I have never bought it for myself I’ll never know. Possibly because I can’t bring myself to spend $35 on something to hold paper towels. But I want it and I want it now.

3. A ticket to see Wicked. In NYC. I don’t care who goes as long as I get to. It’s been a dream for oh, you know, EVER!

4. This to be my foyer.  Only I want board and batten instead of trim work.

5. My mommy. I want her to live in my back yard. Basically.
Pretty sure the Techmeister might take issue with this wish.
My mom may too, considering the current state of my back yard.

6. Another one of these…

7. A winning Powerball ticket to help pay for one of those.  And maybe a helicopter. 

8. Butcher Block Countertops & a Farmhouse sink.
What?! A girl can dream, right?

(If you get a chance, click that link under the picture and see the INCREDIBLE tranformation that this kitchen underwent!  Absolutely breathtaking!)

9. A bathtub in my tiny closet of a bathroom. But considering that I just lived a year of my life without being able to take a shower in my bathroom, I really should just be thankful to have use of that again.

10. A new backsplash.  Yes.  We've talked about this before.  And yes.  I still want it.  Thankyouverymuch. 

11. A stretchmark-less tummy.

12. Bethenny’s boobs.

Yes.  I know....  Roll your eyes....  I understand.

13. Panties that fit.

14. My very own nail gun.  Or brad nailer.  Or whatever it is that I need to hang trim.

15. A table saw. Also...someone to teach me how to use the table saw without cutting off any limbs.

16. This for my foyer. Yet another one of those things that I have coveted for years and never purchased.

17. One of these ruffled scarves.

18. Boots that don’t squeeze my calves.  Or maybe skinnier calves.  Whatever works.

19. A tufted headboard.

20. Awesome legs. (18 and 20 may be is unclear at this point...)

21. World Peace.  You know, like every good Miss United States contestant.

22. Christmastime in NYC…all I’ve ever had was New Years Eve…also known as the most miserable 18 hours of my life.

23. A stinkin box of Samoa’s. Someone please help me find them!!!

24. 50 blog followers. (It’s just a little request, people…)

25. 30 comments on this post….  Since I am already pushing things....

26. The cord that runs from the router in our office to the play station in the basement to be gone. Permanently. Hello, electricians…. Or anyone who knows how to run wiring…your help could be useful to fulfilling my 30th birthday wishes….

27. To be able to run 13.1 over 3 days by my birthday…. That’s a lot of ground to cover in three days….

28. Pedicures for life. Or just one that won’t chip the first time I go running.

29. To magically lose 7 lbs. by eating pizza and samoa ice cream.

30. A mantel...and maybe a fireplace. Although, I am thinking I should just build myself one...

That's all.

Just a few normal everyday birthday wishes.

Or dreams. 

After all, a dream is a wish your heart makes....


Carrie said...

Geeze, you could have given us a list we could have actually gotten something from...You're gonna be getting a lot of scarves for your birthday :) I am comment #1

emily said...

Yay for new running shoes! I hope you get #1 first:) I usually wear saucony omni series but I just bought Asics (Gel-Kayano 17 in case you were wondering) and love them. They feel great and are super cute which can only help:) Happy Birthday!

Katie said...

I read this post (out loud) to matt. His ONLY comment?

"A tufted headboard? What does she need that for? I guess techy must be an animal."


How about we go to NYC? I saw wicked and loved it. and I would go again.

I have boots that are similar if you want to try them on and wear them around for a bit...its KINDA the same.

I'll help you do a backsplash! I have a small amount of tile experience from our recent basement remodel.

Ok, I think I helped with 1,2,3,4,5 wishes....and I began officially following you.

You're welcome. and happy birthday.

Lauren R said...

Happy birthday! Hope you get everything you wish for, especially #6 :). As for samoas, my mom works for girls scout council so I can always supply you with cookies!

Katy said...

I'd be happy to accompany you to NYC to see Wicked! I've been talking about it for a while now, so if YOU go, then maybe I can tag along! Happy Birthday, Leah!

PS. I hope #6 becomes a reality, too. I'm all in favor of more kids (obviously)

Emily said...

I personally liked the Bethenny's boobs comment & would also say that I covet her size 0 post-baby self...just doesn't seem right :)

hope your wishes all come true!