Thursday, January 20, 2011


Really, People. 

I am going to have to get myself a mantel if I am ever going to fit into blogworld....

I miss out on every linky party because it's "Decorate your Mantel for X holiday!!!" and I don't have a mantel.

I have a armoire.

And a buffet.

Both from Craigslist.

But no mantel.

And no fireplace.

Not even a fake one. 

Sad, but true.

If you have a fireplace you should be thankful for it.

If you have a fireplace with a mantel, we may not be able to be friends anymore.

Because I have mantel envy.

Unless you let me decorate your mantel and post it on my blog taking full credit for it.


Oh well...worth a shot....

I keep thinking that if I had a mantel, I might fit in with the rest of blogworld so much better.
Maybe something like this

Or this
But in reality, I know that that would never happen at my house.

Because in reality, I barely changed the decor on top of my armoire for Christmas.

There's no way I would ever change up my mantel for every stinking season.

So let's recap.

Mantel envy. Check.

Mantel stealing.  Possibly.

Mantel failure.  Definite.

What we've learned here today?

Other than the fact that I would have no problem claiming your mantel as my own??

A mantel would probably be just another way for me to fail blog world.

And goodness knows I don't need any thing else pushing me in THAT direction!

In the meantime, if you have a mantel that you like to change the look of every few weeks/days/seasons, etc.,
Beth over at A2Z is hosting a linky party

You should totally join in. 

So I can be jealous of you.

And your mantel.

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Roberta said...

Hey Leah...I'm with mantel here at the Love Shack ;) But I'm okay with it because my two previous homes had mantels and frankly they are just another SURFACE to collect I als don't miss the pressure to have to decorate it for the holidays...been there done that and SO OVER IT. There are too many other, more imporant things to working in my art journal, cooking, sewing, running (oh no! that's you not me ;} Have a great day, fondly, Roberta