Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The 8:10 Dilemma

I proudly announced several weeks ago that I managed to squeeze my ever slimming self into a size 8.

But here's the thing.

Despite the fact that I was 7.4 lbs. lighter back then, I was not wearing a size 8.

Not comfortably.

As I recall, the last 3 months before I got pregnant, I wore 10's almost exclusively.

And I struggled to lose any weight at all.

Even the 2 lbs. that I put on at Christmas time.

And now?

Pretty much everything but my jeans are size 8's.

Which leads me to a couple of realizations....

First of all...

All that hoo-ha about muscle weighing more than fat must ACTUALLY be true.

Secondly, could this actually mean that I have MUSCLE?!

I think it could be true, people!

And finally, perhaps running on a treadmill (while holding on*hangs head in shame*) for 6 hours a week was not as healthy as I thought it was....

Perhaps exercising to be healthy and not to be skinny actually is better.

Perhaps exercising to be healthy and not skinny actually creates SKINNY?!?!?! 

Perhaps muscle really is my friend, even if my scale doesn't say so!

Who knew?

To think.

I have been hiding this secret from myself for YEARS!

1 comment:

Ang said...

Speaking of secrets...not happy that you didn't share this weight watchers wonder with me in college...but, you are forgiven