Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Honest Opinion: Kashi Bars - Do or Die

Ok, maybe that's a little dramatic.

But I like being dramatic.


Today, I took a picture of the snow with the gorgeous blue sky in the background and wanted to declare it was the "Promise of Spring".

I mean, really, a blue sky, ya'll...

It's not like it was Noah's rainbow or anything....


I am dramatic.

I am also very passionate.

Especially about food.

And weight loss.

And...well, passion.

But since I am pretty sure that you are not hear to read about THAT, I have chosen to talk about the food passion.

Because it's safe.

And relatable.

And I have alot to say about it.

Specifically, (today) about Kashi bars.

And their powers.

About 8 months ago, when I started back on Weight Watchers full force, I had been reading Jillian Michael's book, Master Your Metabolism, in which she documents her struggles with weight loss when she was younger.  And I learned ALOT.  (Truthfully, it was because of her book that I talked to my doctor about my weight loss issues and found out that I was hypothyroid.  Did you know that Jillian is also hypothyroid?  Funny, right?)

Anyway, one of the things she recommends is eating more natural foods. 

Cutting out processed junk.

Not that that is entirely feasible for any of us who cannot afford trainers and cooks and live on a tight food budget and an even tighter schedule, but I took it for what it was.  An excellent tip.

And I started researching the most natural pre-packaged foods out there.

Because of our lifestyle, we have to be ready in a hurry, we have to pack our lunches in a hurry and we usually have to eat in a hurry.

And I needed to find something that fit that bill.

And that's where Kashi came in.

Their granola bars are high in fiber (important for any Weight Watchers girl), high in protein (we're talking like 7-9 grams per bar - very impressive for a granola bar) and low in fat. 

They were like a freaking super-food.

I would eat one for breakfast and then not think about food for hours.

Which was strange considering how much food I had just come off of.

Remember.  I had been nursing.

Nursing=hungry.  All.the.time.

The downside?

They are bland.

After about a month, I was sick to death of them.

But I kept eating them.

Because they were so.dang.healthy.

Now, I am totally not going the direction you think I am with this.

I am not going to tell you that after a few months things got better and now I love them, and they have totally changed my life.


Because let's be honest. 

There's only so much anyone can take of a bland fiber bar.

And that's what this was.

Even after I tried every flavor.

But they were getting the job done.

Filling me up.

Helping me lose weight.

Very healthy. 

What more could a girl want, right?

Um, hello?!



And then one day, my adorable Techmeister of a husband brought this little gem home.

And I was all, "Hello?  Kashi?  THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR CHANGING MY LIFE!!!!"

The End.

P.S.  It should be noted that not everyone will think these bars are bland.  I have a picky palette and don't like dark chocolate and dried cranberries together.  I do however, LOVE dark chocolate and coconut together.


Roberta said...

I like the Kashi bars but I get too bloated with them...guess I don't need the extra fiber ;) If you get tired of these you might want to try these great bars...I've been eating them for a couple of years after they were recommended by a med. dr. who also is an alternative med. dr. They have a low-glycemic protein which is easy to absorb and causes no inflamation. Love them...taste like peanut butter cups ;P

Cortney said...

I am a lover of almost everything Kashi. I think I could go on a Kashi only diet and be okay and maybe loose weight. Their pizza is super yummy. Nut I also agree with you, the bars can be bland sometimes and I'm not a fan of dark chocolate.