Monday, January 24, 2011

Water Wars

I think I have talked about the shower in my kitchen before, right?

For those of you just tuning in, my master bathroom is located right over my kitchen.

And when someone takes a shower in my master bathroom, someone can also take a shower in my kitchen.

And it's been that way since we moved in 2+ years ago.

There was a point where we thought it was fixed, and even patched the hole in our kitchen ceiling....

Only to get rained on while I was pouring my bowl of cereal one morning.

Nice, huh?

Undaunted, we are people with a plan. 

And we happen to know that tax time will probably bring a little refund our way.

And we are discussing our options.

Techy even advertised last week on facebook, trying to find a reputable plumber.

Which apparently do not exist.

But he got some names.

No numbers.

And absolutely nowhere to go from here.

Which was fine. 

I mean, we have other showers that work.

And goodness knows we have been without the master shower so long that we don't even know what it was like to shower in there anyway.


It has been so long since I have even opened my shower door that I wouldn't be surprised to see that I have grown a new friend in there...

Um, yeah.

It's bad.

But then today, I came home from work to find a puddle in our downstairs bath.

Apparently, there is a drip under the sink. 

Now, I am not good with technical terms, but the drip is coming from where a pipe connects with a random hose thingy.


A hose thingy.

And while I am at the top of my game, I will just tell you that the room is by far the coldest room in our house.

Now I am not saying that the room isn't well insulated.

But I am saying, whoever decided to build a bathroom off of the garage may not have taken into account that the garage wasn't heated.

Just saying.

If I had waited a few hours, I probably could go ice skating in there. 

So now here I am. 

Faced with a leak that I want to fix and a leak that I "need" to fix.

I say need in quotes, because in my mind, I would have no problem leaving a pot under the leak for the next 250 years, if that would guarantee that I wouldn't have to hunt down and pay for plumber.

And I would also have no problems being called Granny Clampet...

As long as you recognize my creativity for exactly what it is...

Redneck Ingenuity

That being said, when it rains at my house, it doesn't pour unless you are standing in the kitchen.  Otherwise, it just drips.  Annoyingly drips....

Signing off,


Post Script:  Just received a phone call from Techy.  Apparently, he did finally get in touch with a "professional" who will be coming to my house tomorrow night in hopes of telling us how to fix our "problems".  This means that I have some bathroom cleaning to do and some otherwise friendly, fuzzy green freeloading friends to kick out of my house as soon as possible. 

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