Saturday, January 1, 2011

Finally...A Post-Panic Project

Welcome to 2011!  Happy New Year!

In honor of the fact that I should be cleaning, but instead am sitting on my duff playing on the computer and watching Little Man play with everything BUT his new toys - including but not limited to packaging of any kind, soda cans, clothing, cords - yes, cords!!!, remote controls - ALL OF THEM, diapers, wipes, tubes of chapstick, ink pens, etc, etc, etc....  Basically anything but what I WANT him to play with...I wanted to show off my first post-holiday project with one of my awesome Christmas gifts.

Did I mention that I got 2 awesome Christmas gifts?

Well, not just 2.

I got alot of amazing gifts.

But I got 2 CRAFTY gifts.

You may remember one of them....

That's right people!!!

Santa, a.k.a. ME, bought me a Silhouette.

And the other Santa, a.k.a. Techy, bought me an embroidery machine.

And not just any embroidery machine....

Techy got me the KING of all embroidery machines!

A Babylock Ellegante 2.

Magical machine of all machines.

But I really need to save the details of that magical machine for another post.

This post is about a quick project I whipped up using the Silhouette this morning while Little Man was throwing some of his Christmas gifts at my head.

And I am so happy about it!

Let's jump on in, k?

And it had something to do with this lovely, faded atrocity.

For some reason, having a faded duck adorn the front of my house just wasn't up my alley. 

In reality, I have been BEGGING Techy to do something about this for 2 years now.

Today, I took matters into my own hands.

Or maybe I should say, I let my Silhouette take matters into its own hands....

A little wall vinyl later....

And then a coat of paint....

And then, just a quick flip of the wrist....


Did you hear that?!

My house just thanked me!

And 2 years of complaining are behind me!

To think, it only cost me $199.00 plus $1.98 for spray paint.

Oh well, at least I had fun using it!!!

And there you have it.

My first craft of 2011.

I love it!

*Um, yes.  That is a picture of me.  In my bathrobe.  And this is me saying, be thankful I was wearing a bathrobe! 


Roberta said...

Very nice...and to think it only cost you 200 Too funny but I'm sure that you'll recoup your expenses in no Now I can call you the Label Nazi with your big label making machine ;)

Kait said...

ahahhahahah dying at your last line!