Friday, January 7, 2011

A Few After's

Just because I can.

Remember way back when I posted about my addiction to bedding?

Well, I wanted to show you what I have finally come up with that I LOVE.  And that isn't currently falling apart.  And that was still EXTREMELY affordable for a king size bed.

Thank you, Christmas Tree Shop for cheap bedding that I LOVE!

And for my friend Lauren, who demanded that I post an after pic of myself since she hasn't seen me in oh, 35 lbs....

This is what a slightly blue, size 8 version of me looks like at the moment.

Also because my baby boy is a year old and I consider that to be "after" worthy....

And my final after is of my dear, sweet, techno-savvy hubby
Or rather, what has happened to him after 5 years of marriage....

He sees this

Does this

And then posts it on Facebook.

I have trained him sooooo well!


Roberta said...

Love your new banner photo Leah ;) Too funny on your hubby buying all those can veggies...hopefully he bought the organic and low-sodium

Ang said...

Wow I hope you have a big pantry lol