Monday, January 3, 2011

The Other {big} Christmas Gift

When it comes to Techy giving Christmas gifts, or any kind of gift, really, technology is always involved.

And this year was nothing different.

Unless you consider the fact that he finally found a gift wherein our passions collided.

Enter the Babylock Ellegante 2

Or for easy reference: The Godfather of All Sewing Machines.

As in, all other sewing machines are mere puppets to this machine.

As in, this machine kills all other machines.

Of course, in my house I may be calling it, "the love of my life".

You get my drift.

So now for the juicy details: 

See that screen?  Um yes.  Touch screen.

See the arm?  Fully detachable/expandable sewing/quilting arm.

See the embroidery hoop?  Um yes.  It comes with 4 of them.  In multiples shapes and sizes.

I can do everything from download fonts/images/designs to quilting.

This thing is rated to quilt through extremely high loft batting.

And I can't wait to get started with this thing.

That's right. 

This beauty has been in my possession for almost a week and a half, and I haven't had an opportunity to try it out yet.

And it's killing me.

But I went out this weekend and got plenty o' fabric and stabilizer and thread so that I am equipped to begin trying it out as soon as possible.

Or as soon as Techy is feeling well enough to manage a 1 year while I go spend days hours with my new toy.

Because everyone knows that a 1 year old boy would love nothing more than playing with my new toy in the face of all his new toys.

Can someone please explain this phenomena?  Why does my child want nothing to do with his abundance of new toys when any type of technology is present?  Remote Control?  Check.  Cell phone?  Check.  iPad?  OBVIOUSLY!

Anyway, all things considered, I think Techy is going to have a very difficult time topping this year's Christmas gift.

For many years to come.

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Kait said...

erm, looks like this machine will entertain your 1-year-old, while doing your laundry, making you dinner and stitching you up something nice :) Can't wait to see what you make with it!