Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Big Little Solution

Techy and I live in a house.

In said house, we have several awkward spaces.

One of which is a lovely little breakfast nook.

Which is currently adorned in about 8 coats of Apple Red and the most adorable country border you have ever seen.

Yes, I know.  I used the word border and adorable in the same sentence.

I am sure it is way out.

Like more out than my acid washed denim skirt from 1991.

Only I like it way more.

Any reputable designer would probably throw me out on my heels for keeping a border in my house.

Especially one that has roosters on it.

But hey, that's me. 

The Rulebreaker.

I should really get my own superhero shirt made for moments like these.

The Rulebreaker....



Back to breaking rules...

The Rulebreaker....

Still no?

Ok, fine.

Back to the nook.

This little breakfast nook is totally adorable. 

Even with the Roosters.

But I concocted a plan last week to make it even more adorable.

And then I mentioned it to Techy.

Totally sure that I would have to contort him into a yoga position with his arm twisted behind his back and over his head to get him to agree.

Imagine my surprise when he lept out of his computer chair shouting that this was the best idea he had ever heard.

Um. Yeah.

Color me confused.

I know.  Not a color.




The idea?

To make it into a real live breakfast nook.

Bench seating and all.

My inspiration?


And this.

 And this...

And this...

Oh, and this...

And maybe this one too...

Now, it is my distinct intention to NOT let this project end up like the infamous foyer remodel that I have been trying to put into works for 6 months now.

Which is why I am blogging about it.

To be honest, I think we have a better chance of making this happen since Techy is jumping up and down like a cheerleader at her first football game in anticipation of relatively more excited about this project.

It is set to begin the week after the Superbowl. 

And thanks to watching this little video about 2 dozen times while Techy cheered in the background, I think we almost know what we are doing.

So...in 3 weeks...anyone wanna come play with a baby for a few hours while we get our construction on? 


The Rulebreaker


smarie said...

I double love the breakfast nook! I want to build a corner bench seat in Jordyn's room under her windows...someday :)

tracey :) said...

i will take little man off your hands ALL DAY LONG.... if you can help me with my hideous couch... remember my dream??? you are haunting me... & you did say you can make a slipcover...right.... fair trade?? take little man for an entire day vs a slip cover??
you know me...ill try every angle possible...

Roberta said...

I've always been a fan of a breakfast nook and love benches that have storage in them as well. Think about that and if you want to have to life up the cushions every time you want something out of them...been there done that...not fun. So opt for sliding doors or regular cab doors on the bench fronts for storage. You Go Girl!!!

Cortney said...

I love the look of bench seating for a nook. I think of all the storage you can build in under the benches. I like sitting in booths at restuarants so why wouldn't I want that same comfort at home. Unfortunately, we don't have a home of our own or a dinning room or nook of any kind, so I'll just live through you home dreams for now.