Friday, January 14, 2011

The January that Would Have Been

In my mind's eye, I saw me getting so much more done this month.

In reality, I haven't even taken down my Christmas tree.

On my agenda:

1.  The foyer remodel.

AKA.  Board & Batten HEAVEN!!!

2.  Paint basement.

3.  Make a slipcover for hideous colored sofa in basement.

4.  Become a size 6 - miraculously.

5.  Schedule all my vacations for the year with plenty of time remaining for family visits.

6.  Come up with the most incredible 60th birthday gift for my father in law.

7.  Pay off all my bills and spend practically no money on anything.

8.  De-stressify.

9.  Keep every weekend PLAN-FREE.

10.  Stay healthy.

So far, and we are half way through the month, I have achieved NONE of the things on my list.

Think the other 17 days of the month will be any more successful?

I have my doubts!

It's been fun all the same!

Happy Almost Halfway Through January, Ya'll!!!


Ang said...

I'm pretty sure you're there's one!

Cortney said...

I have hijacked a friends computer so that I can catch up on everything in blog land. I have really enjoyed reading through all the posts of your that you've written that I've missed. About the inside joke thing with your husband...I totally get it! I often want to write stuff in my blog, but no one but my husband and I would think it would be funny.

I have also not met many of my January resolutions or list thingy's. Oh well. That's why they made 12 months in a year!