Wednesday, January 12, 2011


{Get Ready, Peeps!  It's a Serious Post!!!}

There was a time. 

A long time ago.

Or maybe it wasn't so long ago....

That I was lonely.

I moved here from Virginia, knowing only my husband, my in-law's, and a handful of people who were in my wedding.

By the time we had been married for a year, I had a new job, a new (to us) house, a new church, and a whole new world of problems. 

Family problems.

Big ones.

Things that I don't really like to talk about on the ole blog because in reality, it brings people down.

But within the first 2 years of our marriage, we suffered a break in one of our families and a suicide in the other.

And the days were dark.

And long.

And very scary.

And pretty darn lonely for a girl who lived 400 miles away from her mommy and sister and whose best girlfriend was working her way through school.

Those were the days that I started to cling to the hope I mentioned here.

Those were the days that we got through on prayer, faith, and lots of love.

But they were also very lonely days.

Days when I had no one to confide in.

No one.  Except for HIM.

Days when I cried for no reason except for the fact that we were alone in this.

Except for HIM.

Days when I dealt with pain, hurt, and loneliness beyond belief.

And one day, I was driving in my car on the way to work.

When I heard a song come on the radio.

The words were like salve to a burnt soul.

"All of You is more than enough for all of me.

For every hurt and every need.

You satisfy me

With Your love.

And all I have in You,

Is more than ENOUGH".


Healing tears flowed that day.

My mom and I have always shared what we term as "God Moments". 

Moments when there is no other explanation for the divine intervention of a merciful God.

And that was one of those days.

You see, as I heard those words, I realized that I serve a God who is more than enough to fill my needs.

To heal the pain.

To restore joy where there is none.

To put beauty in the place of ashes.

And to give life to the word "hope".

And that's more than enough for me.

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Ang said...

Thank you Leah...
I needed to read this...
I am in nowhere near as dark a place as you were then, yet still here I am wallowing in doubt and self pity and loneliness...

Thanks for the reminder that HE is ENOUGH...

Love you!