Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Crazy Crafter

For those of you who stuck with me and followed my Facebook/Twitter posts during the week of Thanksgiving, you know how badly I wanted a Silhouette this year. 

There were approximately 10 or so blogs that I follow who were giving them away.

And I entered every single one of them.

And won nary a one.

Meaning I didn't win one.

Giant Frowny Face.

However, if you have read my blog at all, you may also know that I was one of those crazy Black Friday queens who hit more than her fair share of sales 2 weeks ago.

I helped many a store get in the black on that day. 

Soooooooo, anyhooooooo.

I saw/heard that Michael's had a sale on the Cricut cutting machine.  $59.99, regularly $199.99.

(For those of you not involved in crafting of any kind, who are now scratching your heads at my references, you can either keep reading my boring account and hope for more entertainment later, or you can just click away.  I totally understand.)

It was a legitimately impressive sale.

So, of course, I hit it up.

I was standing outside of Michael's at 4:35 a.m. waiting with the other 6 crazy crafters for the doors to open and the race to begin.

And that morning I learned something.

Crafters are strange people.

People who stand in line at 4:30 in the morning for a sale on scrapbook totes and paper are just different.

Please don't take offense. 

Preaching at myself more than anyone.

As we chit-chatted in line about what we were there to get, the women around me (unbeknownst to them) proceeded to talk me out of my want/need for the Cricut.

Why would I want a machine that I couldn't use without spending an average of $30 of "cartridges".

The fact that their eyes filled with tears as they reminisced about purchasing their first Cricut may have also been more than a little frightening to me.

But, being the loyal shopper I am, I couldn't wait in that line for half an hour and then NOT buy the one thing I had my sights set on. 

And I left with my Cricut.

And immediately regretted it.

Why on earth did I waste my time and money on something that was not what I wanted?

So, on Cyber Monday, I proceeded to purchase my own Silhouette and told Santa he owed me one.

The Cricut is still on my dining room table, with the receipt taped to the box.

So, if any of you crazy readers are also crazy crafters, and consider your life incomplete without a Cricut, let me know. 

Because for $59 plus the cost of shipping, my good deal will be your good deal. 

And I won't have waited in line with 6 other crazy crafters for nothing! 

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