Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Biggest Loser: It moves me

I am pretty sure you know how strange I am.

But in case you had any doubts, this post certainly solidifies it. 

Last night, after putting Little Man to bed and working out, I hit the recliner to watch the end of last week's Biggest Loser.

And as usual, I cried.

What can I say?

Seriously, unless you have been overweight, you cannot even begin to know the empowerment those people feel. 

They are doing things that they never dreamed they would be able to do. 

They are running miles.

They are lifting weights.

Just imagine.

I have no idea where you are physically, but imagine that less than 3 months from now you are able to do something you thought was impossible.  Because that's where these people are.

In the same token, when you have only been doing something for 3 months, is that long enough to really change your life style?

Yes, they are smaller.  Yes, they are stronger. 

But they also haven't been faced with the temptations that await them at home.

So, here's the burning question I have for these people:

Is their ability to achieve once impossible dreams enough motivation to help them resist the temptation waiting for them?*

Especially for those who haven't lost as much...i.e., Elizabeth, who after three months has only lost 48 lbs. 

I realize that not everyone has an intense inner motivation to do whatever it takes to be healthy and lose weight.  I also realize that I have more of that inner motivation than alot of people do.

Which is partly why I post ridiculous things like my weight on a weekly basis.

And why I open up to you about my failures.

And why I whine about the times when I just cannot seem to get over the hump.

And why I hate on skinny people.

And why I love fat people.

And why I talk about crying over Biggest Loser on a weekly basis.

I want people to know that while weight is just a number, good health is worth the work.

I want people to realize that exercise is too good for you to skip out on.

I want people to understand that you may not ever be skinny, but by golly, you can get in better shape! 

I want people to see that no, you may not be able to run a mile, but neither could I the first time out.

Crazy rabbit trail time:

The first time I went running after I had Little Man, Ceej went with me, bless her heart....  We ran my neighborhood, and I was so out of shape that I would run until I saw a truck, then walk until the next one, then run to the next one, etc.  Which sounds good, until you realize that trucks are as popular in my neighborhood as mailboxes. 

She told me later that she probably could have walked faster than I ran, but she didn't want me to feel bad. 

The point of my crazy rabbit trail is that no one can do it on their first day out.  That doesn't mean you should let it hold you back.  Create a starting point.  And work from there.  And be proud of the fact that you are doing anything at all.

And then tell me, so I can feel less insane for posting these crazy posts about crying over 2 of my favorites getting voted off on Biggest Loser this week.

*Don't you know, I might have had my questions answered if I had actually been able to watch the "Where they are now" episode that aired a few weeks ago, but alas, my dvr was broken, and someone (who shall remain nameless) is using the computer every single night, so Hulu isn't an option either....

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Ang said...

Fine! I'll work out! Sheesh!...I've got to stop reading this thing...it motivates me darn it!