Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Little Man - An Update

I realized, reading through some of my posts from the past month, that I haven't posted about the little guy in a while.

Count it your lucky day.... 

Sadly, this is my most recent pic of the little guy.

Because Techy is so busy with his side business right now, and because he loaned MY camera to his buddy, and because I can't get near our computer for one spare minute to edit any photos I might have taken with Techy's camera, we have practically NO pictures of the little guy over the last few months.

It's appalling. 

I know! 

Hand slap for wretched blog-parenting! 

But to fill you in on all the things you want to know about my adorable child....

He's very much a boy.  Climbing constantly. 

In the past month he has fallen more times than I can count because of his incessant climbing.

He isn't walking yet, but he started standing last Wednesday. 

The standing goes something like this.  He pulls himself up on something and after a few minutes, he will turn loose as though he forgot he needed to hold onto something.  Then after a second or two, he gets the look like the one Coyote always gets when he runs over a cliff while chasing the Road Runner, and he plops down on his little bottom. 

He's big into dancing as well.  Any time music comes on, he starts bouncing up and down.  I take full credit for this skill

But the biggest thing going on in Little Man's world is his communicatin skills.  The little guy is a talking machine! 

A few months ago, Techy and I started participating in a study at UD that basically analyzes language and play development skills of babies.  When we first started, they asked us to review the words that he was able to recognize and/or say.  At the time, Little Man was only 9 months old, so his vocabulary was slim.  Saying only things like ma-ma and da-da.  Yesterday, when we went back (at 11 months and 1 week) I realized his vocabulary has more than tripled.  He's saying things like hi, bye, ball, night-night, uh-oh, bath (which sounds more like "bass") and the most popular word right now, Lisa - his daycare lady's name.

And as if that wasn't enough to make us crack up on a daily basis, the kid laughs.  Alot. 

He sounds a little like an old man chuckling.

And I have to admit, that he's a chubby kid, so he bounces when he laughs, which makes it just that much more adorable.

Pretty much, he's incredible.

And a joy.

And I love him.


And Techy does too.

We are having the time of our lives. 

Even if we don't have much time left these days.

The end.


Ang said...

I feel the need for a video of the old man belly jiggling laugh...and I seriously need to meet this kid!

kait said...

LOL!! I love the picture! He's so cute (don't I say that every time he's brought up? lol!)!

I can't wait for you to bring him into work again hint...hint....HINTTTTT ;)