Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Honest Opinion: Pandora Radio

You may have heard a little bit about my love affair with Pandora Radio...

Mostly because with the help of Pandora, I have kept picking my feet up for mile after mile for almost 3 months now. 

I attribute my ability to train for even a tiny 5k without losing my mind, to Pandora.

What can I say? I get bored easily!

I make no bones about the fact that I happen to enjoy keeping my mind busy while exercising.

I need stimulation.

And since I can't really read or watch tv while running at the park, music it is.

And I am pretty particular about my music.

It has to have a nice beat (syncopation, anyone???)

I have to know every single word to the songs OR be able to make up words that I THINK are in the songs.  (Lady Gaga, anyone?)

Plus, with Pandora, you just enter in an artist who you like and Pandora will keep a constant flow of similar artists and songs coming. 

(Yes, I am explaining it for the 2 people in the world who do not understand what Pandora is....)

But, by far, the BEST feature of Pandora is that you can easily program your music stations to your liking.  You don't want techno music in your running station?  Just dislike the techno songs until it stops playing them.  (And it will...Trust me.  Pandora catches on twice as fast as Elin did!)

All that to say, I really LOVE Pandora.

And I love using it on my iPad.

It helps me clean toilets, tubs, and all things grody around my house.

Oh, and you know what's even better this time of year???

Pandora's Christmas stations!!!

So yeah.

It's love.

And I am totally in it.

And that's my honest opinion!

(I kinda wanted to say, "And that's how Sue C's it!" but I thought that might throw the post a little over the top.  You picturing me in a red jogging suit and ranting about some random act of unkindness....  Scary, I know.)

1 comment:

Kait said...

I totally didn't know about the Christmas station option! That's awesome!

Although I'm annoyed that Pandora will not accept that I do NOT like Ke$ha or whatever her name is. They try to play her allll the time for me, and I thumbs down her every chance I get.

Maybe I'll just stick to Christmas songs from now on haha!! (fingers crossed Ke$ha didn't sing any of those!)