Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Car Seated

On Friday, while the rest of you are probably "safe and warm inside of the farmhouse" (20 points if you can name that movie), Techy and I will be braving the annual parking lot that we like to call Christmas Traffic Lane.

That's right, bright and early on Friday, December 24, also known as Christmas Eve, also known as the driving day - after having danced the night away at our friends' wedding - Techy and I, along with the entire rest of America will be loading up our gifts and pets and kids and sitting in traffic for hours on end while attempting to reach our destination before Christmas Day.

And my major concern for the trip?

It's a car seat one.

As in, with only 4 days remaining until Little Man turns 1, do we keep him rear facing and endure the endless annoyance of having an almost-toddler that you can't reach or see behind you, or do we brave the endless danger of turning him front facing?

See how happy this child is rear facing?

Um, yeah.

This picture is a lie.

Driving with my almost-toddler 6 minutes away is a pain right now.

Much less, 6 HOURS away. 

The convenience side of me says travelling with a forward facing baby would be so much easier on all of our nerves and ensure a higher probability of a safe and easy drive.

The mommy side of me says that if anything were to happen I would never forgive myself for not waiting the 4 days to turn him around.

The realistic side of me says that we will probably spend alot the day going so slow it won't matter whether we are rear facing or not.

Any and all comments will be greatly appreciated.

And on Friday, while you are relaxing with your family, you can just think of Techy and I screaming at one another over the sound of a crying baby and a howling dog and smile.  Because it isn't you, you lucky thing!


Kait said...

I honestly wouldn't worry about the 4 days. If you're going to turn him around 4 days later anyways, might as well! I know some people who are super into rear-facing, but with Tristan, right at one we flipped him and he was instantly better on car rides! But you're the momma, you gotta go with your gut on this.

Good luck on the trip! Just keep turning up the Christmas music! Hahaha!

Kaci said...

I turned zoe around almost 2 weeks before she turned one for the SC trip. you totally should! and bring a dvd player!

Carrie said...

Wyatt was 10 months when we turned him around....but he was HUGE. We turned Leah a little early! Do it! Driving sanely and safely is worth it!.....but go with your gut! Only you know what is best!

Ang said...

Muppets Christmas Carol! (but in all honesty I googled it)

Turn him around!!!

Sarah said...

Muppet Family Christmas!!

And you know my thoughts on the car seat.