Friday, December 3, 2010

5 Years...What a Trip!

It's hard for me to believe that it's been 5 years since this dude

Became Mr. Leah.

However, calendars don't lie.

Five years ago today, Techy and I tied the knot.

My entire life changed that day.

And since most of you probably couldn't be there for the day, I want to give you a virtual walk-through of the big day.

Some of the finer memories of our wedding....

One of Techy's favorite memories was the moment that his groomsmen and brother-in-laws-to-be coaxed him into going to the bowling alley for a little bachelor party fun.

And then proceeded to accost him

Forcing (read: pushing him out the bathroom door) him to prance around the bowling alley like this.

But then he turned around and willingly made this moment happen...

(It should be noted that there is NO indecency in this photo, despite what it looks like at first glance)

So, I don't know what to do with this info.  Except for obviously publish it on the internet.
One of my favorite memories of our wedding had nothing to do with Techy's humiliation....

And everything to do with the theme of the big day.

In case you don't know, I am theme-y girl. 

I adore themes.

I take them over the top.

And then just that much more.

The over-the-top, most-favoritest memory from my wedding, was our wedding song.

Unlike other brides, my "wedding song" was not the song played or sung DURING our wedding.

Our wedding song, will forever be the song played as my bridesmaids walked down the aisle.

Imagine the sheer magic of the moment.

A darkened church, glowing by candle light and Christmas trees.

And then you hear this....

I still get chills remembering the feeling I had as I heard it come over the intercom in the church. 

Not gonna lie.  I cry almost every time I hear it.

Among other favorite memories of our wedding day:

The hottest wedding reception in history

Snowflakes, everywhere!  (Indoors and out!)

Great friends, both new and old...

The gorgeous cream suit that I forced my mom to break tradition in order to wear...

She's never looked prettier....

Pretty rose petals...

A horse drawn carriage in the snow...

And the infamous spooked horse, that should have been an indication of what marriage is like - bumpy, exciting, and loads of fun!

All in all, the day was beautiful and very memorable.

And Honey, I would do it all over again! 

I love you, Techy!

Thanks for making the last five years, the best!




Kait said...

First off - Mr. Leah...LMAO!!

Second - you gave me chills with this post! The pictures are aahhhmazing & beautiful!

I'm so happy for you guys, congrats and here's to a gazillion more years of Mr. & Mrs. Leah bliss! Hehehehe!! :)

Roberta said... weddings...always have and always will ;) Happy Anniversary! DH and I will be married 15 years on Dec. 31st...oh yeah we are New Year's Eve it! Only thing is we got married in NH and honeymooned in Montreal...can you say freakin cold...OMG...made me never want to go back to Canada It was like 37 degrees below zero the entire time we were there. Florida Keys looks so much better...hurrican and Have a great weekend, fondly, Roberta