Monday, December 6, 2010

The Limited made my weekend

Remember way back when I talked about this adorable dress???

Well, I have a wedding to attend on the 23rd of this month....

And while I was shopping with my sister this weekend, we spotted this dress:

And for some reason, I decided I NEEDED to try it on. 

And then the size 10 was too big.

And the size 8 fit.

So obviously, I bought it.

Just to tell people that I am wearing a size 8.

Who cares if it's short?

Who cares if it's sleeveless?

Who cares if it's December!?

You saw the part about it being a size 8, right?

That negates all other concerns at this time.

So, if you see me freezing my hiney off on December 23 with my fat, flappy arms in this adorable dress, and you think something doesn't look quite right...

You can just tell me I look great.

Because I will be wearing a size 8.

And that's all that really matters!


Roberta said...

Lovely dress and a shawl will keep your arms covered and warm ;) Reminds me of the year I bought a red dress from Cache for a Christmas's still in my closet with the tags on because the party was canceled...oh well...someday I'll fit into it

Kait said...

Hahah we are so alike! I'd totally buy the dress just due to it being a size 8 too! It's soooo cute!! I bet you'll look awesome in it!