Monday, December 13, 2010

The Dolphin Whisperer

This weekend, we headed to Baltimore for a little R & R.
Among other things, we enjoyed a trip to the National Aquarium with Little Man.

I'll just be honest and say, I was not thrilled about taking my not-yet-1-year-old to the aquarium.

Part of me assumed this would be a wasted trip with a cranky baby.

But we got our tickets for half price and my sister (who was in town with her kids and hubby) really wanted to go.

So off we went.

And other than the fact that my arm is still sore from carrying 20+ lbs. of the little guy around for 4 hours, we had a blast! 

And I was completely surprised by how enchanted Little Man actually was with the place.

He really enjoyed the open tank with all of the sting rays. 

He kept waving at the "fishies". 

I assume it was because he believed the sting rays were waving at him.

He enjoyed some of the exhibits more than others....

But his FAVORITE, by far, was the Dolphin Show.

It was an extra that we chose to do for Sarah's kids.

But I figured that there was no way that Little Man would sit still for this show.

Boy, was I wrong.

Handy Manny & Mickey Mouse Clubhouse don't hold a candle to dolphins, apparently.


This kid oo'ed and ahhh'ed like a pro.

He clapped.

He cheered.

And he summoned.

At least, I think that's what this was.

It happened almost every time a dolphin jumped in the air and went back under the water.

Either he was watching the trainers and mimicking them.

Or he was trying to coax the dolphins back out of the water with his ridiculous cuteness.

Since his eyes rarely left the water, I have my doubts on his mimicking trainers.

Among the other cute things this adorable child of mine did...

Every time a dolphin swam over to the side of the tank, he began waving.

And saying, "Hi!"

And that's on top of the ridiculous clapping and "YAY"-ing that he did.

So, yeah. 

Wasted trip to the aquarium?

Not so much.

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