Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Haircut...No words necessary....

But I will say them anyway....

Because I like to talk...

And I like to set the scene...

And no blog post would be complete without me rambling on about something, right???

But really, let's get on with it...

Here's where I am pointing out Little Man's "Achy Breaky Heart" do to the girl.

I think my exact words were, "This Billy Ray Cyrus business back here has got to go!"

My expression really says it all....

Here's where I should apologize for the blurry cell phone pics, but in reality, the blur really just drives my point home.

This poor girl earned every cent of her tip.

She worked.

And worked.

And worked.

And then he would move. 

This guy couldn't get over the fact that Little Man wasn't screaming....

It's called DIVERSION, people!  Daddy's covetted cell phone does the trick every time.

(Don't mind that ridiculous double chin of mine...I love awkward angles!)

Finally. Billy Ray has left the building.

Mommy is very happy!

And for a post where no words were necessary, I managed to squeeze in enough to fill Techy's quota for the day!

(If you know, Techy, you know this is OBVIOUSLY a joke.  The man likes to talk more than anyone I know.  Including myself)

Point being, I managed to make a wordless post, extremely wordy. 

But that's me for ya!


Kait said...


The post was so cute and funny! The blurring is perfect hahaha!

(and how you manage to look skinny in a freakin' smock is beyond me!)

Roberta said...

Oh My...too funny and I'm laughing at the guy sitting in the chair next to you...he's looking on as if you are going to do him next...lol

Carrie said...

Sweet boy! Our children REALLY need to stop growing so fast! Loved the pics!