Friday, July 8, 2011

Flight Club

Remember when I was all braggy braggy about how amazing Southwest Airlines was for refunding my airfare?

Well, now I'm a week away from actually flying Southwest and I am totally panicking about the no seat assignment thing.

Can someone (preferably those who have flown SW recently) explain it to me?

Thank you very much!


Bumber's Bumblings said...

It is NO big deal! You need to make sure you check in right at 24 hours ahead of time for your flight. If you can't print your boarding pass, no biggie, you can reprint at airport. Then when you get there, they have little cattle chutes and you will basically wait in the a, b, or c line, in order of your number. If you check in 24 hours ahead of time, you shouldn't have any probably getting an A boarding pass. You walk on the plane and choose your seat, walla! It's awesome and so easy!

Chris said...

Agreed...LOVE Southwest...that's the only one I fly! Oh, and if you get a B seat...dont worry, as long as Conner is with you, you can do the family boarding which is between group A&B...they give you a little extra time!

Lisa said...

I loved it. It was actually really well organized and went smoothly the few times I few SW. They key is to check into the flight the MINUTE or soon there after that you are allowed to online. That way you will get a lower number and pick your seats first. Convenient when flying with more than one person. Again, runs so smoothly (been working for years not) and most people are familiar with procedures so there is no fighting or pushing or anything like that....does that help? :)