Monday, July 11, 2011

Countdown to Liftoff

Thank you guys for taking the time to explain Southwest Airlines seating process to me last week! 

I feel so prepared now.

Completely ready to get up at 5 am on Thursday morning and check in to my flight as soon as possible.

My hope is that our 5 am flight won't be too overcrowded and thus the 5 am check-in shouldn't be too difficult.

But hopes and wishes....

We only have a few {very hectic} days this week before we head out of town on an actual (and hopefully very relaxing) vacation.

But {surprise, surprise} you won't hear me complain!

Because there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

And a beach on the other end of a plane trip awaiting me.

In the meantime, I am doing laundry, washing dishes, working out and packing.

Which usually means that I won't have any interesting blogging material.

But I just got my new phone...

Which means one thing...



Including some that may or may not have been taken using all the gadgets my new phone has to offer. 

Like distortion.

And then some just-for-fun pics of some young/old friends....

I think we can all tell how happy I am to have welcomed myself back into the ranks of society with a phone that actually works, right?

But now it's time to get moving and conquer some of these tasks on my list!



Sarahe883 said...

Southwest has gotten worse now. Even if you are sitting at your computer and hit the send button exactly 24 hrs before your flight you'll still get A56-60 or B seating. If you do get B, you can get family boarding after all the As have been seated. Because of the new pay for early check-in which I think is $10/ticket, you can get anything better. Just a heads up. Still like Southwest though...gotta love free bags!

Kait said...

LMAO!! those pictures cracked me up!

Kit @ DIYdiva said...

Hi Leah - I hope you have an awesome time at the beach! I just sent you an email about the Weed Fabric & gift card you won on DIYdiva a loong time ago.

I'm not sure if I ever got your address, or if my emails reached you.

Can you send me your address at kstansley(at) ?

I'll get it out to you ASAP. So sorry for the delay.