Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Me and Multitasking

If you know me, you probably know that I am always doing 2 things at once.

I am never just watching tv, I am watching tv and playing words with friends.

Or cooking dinner and reading a book.

Or writing a blog while talking on the phone.

My point being, I thrive on multitasking.

I LOVE it.

I multitask without even being aware that I am multitasking.

I chalk it up to my years working in the court system...

When to not multitask would be equivalent to drowning.

You may ask what brought this up....

Which would be right on cue...cause that's where I'm going with this....

Today, during my lunch break, I got the rare opportunity to experience the high that is PERSONAL MULTITASKING.

Meaning, stuff I PERSONALLY need to get done, but never have time to do.

And I had 40 minutes to do it all in.

Now, I don't like to toot my own horn...(that's a lie...)

But considering the fact my first stop was Kohl's (and we all know how much I love Kohl's) and I actually made it to other stores during my 40 minutes of freedom, I think some horn-tooting is well deserved.



Oh.man. How I love Kohl's.

I love Kohl's almost as much as Charlie Sheen loves tiger blood and winning.

But yes, I started there.  With $20 in Kohl's cash, which quickly turned into new shoes and shorts - both for Little Man.

Then on to the grocery store, where diapers and frozen burritoes were calling my name.

Don't judge me for my food choices.

Frozen burritos are LOADED with protein and fiber.

We don't have to talk about the calories.

Or how tiny they are.

And actually, let's just leave my current weight situation out of this, ok?

I would feel much better if we didn't talk about it today.


Moving on....

After the grocery store, I was off to the Dollar Tree....

Where for the low, low price of $12 even, I picked up 12 pairs of sunglasses. 

Including, but not limited to, 2 kiddie pairs, for the Little Man in my life.

And then 10 pairs for the Big Man in my life.

I know.

It's ridiculous.

But Techy forgets about his sunglasses like Lindsey Lohan forgets about her priors and her ankle bracelet.

After the first year of marriage, I determined that Dollar Tree is the only place that I can afford for Techy to be losing sunglasses from.

And now, 10 pairs richer, I have at least another week and a half before I have to hear the question, "Honey, do you know where my shades are?"

And in a week and a half, I'll be on vacation....

Tuning out stupid questions about lost sunglasses while reading books to the sound of ocean waves....

(Or chasing a crying, screaming toddler down the beach....)

And Techy will have permanent racoon eyes from the goggles that he is sure to have been wearing all week.

And will probably not be in need of his sunglasses....

Hey, a girl can wish can't she????

But my final stop of the day....

A trip to the drug store to pick up some much needed thyroid medication....

And some jolly ranchers.

Because they were on sale.

Also, because they are delicious.

And because I don't have to see my dentist for another 5 months....


All that...

4 stores (one of them being KOHL'S!!!!) in less than 40 minutes.

It's a high that poor Lindsey Lohan and Charlie Sheen haven't experienced in YEARS.

Do you think I should tell them that multitasking is the trick???

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