Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Helpful How-To: Kohl's Addict - You'll need an intervention, too!

Hi friends....

More handy-dandy how-to's for you.

Not so much a how-to as a you-must!

Do you have one of these?

If not, I am SOOOOO sorry for you.

Because if you don't have a one of those, then you probably don't have one of these:
Which means, you don't get these once a week:

Can I just say, I am so sad for you....

Almost as sad as I am for those who don't have this...

But I digress....

Back to life at Kohl's.

Shopping at Kohl's for clothing, accessories, etc. is equivalent to shopping at Ikea for housewares.  Good deals can be found around every corner.

Oh, and did you know that if you order something at Kohls.com using your Kohl's card, you can almost always get free shipping?

That's right, FREE shipping.  (shhh, don't tell anyone, but all you have to do is Google "kohls free shipping codes")

And did you know that you can use your free shipping code in conjunction to your discount codes if you are using your Kohl's card?

That's right 15% off AND free shipping.... 

And did you know that you can return your item in the store without a receipt?

That's right, without a receipt.  And they will give you a gift card with the last sale price amount on it. 

But that's better than nothing, baby.

And did you know that Kohl's has an amazing online clearance section?

As well as a pretty decent in-store clearance section.

And did you know that yesterday, I bought Little Man 6 pairs of shorts (for next summer), 1 Tank Top, 1 Romper (there really should be a more manly word for those things), and 4 fall rompers (non-price cut as much as the others) for $42.50 with my 15% discount. 

I love Kohl's! 

*Note Kohl's has no knowledge of this post and has given me nothing to share these opinions - Nothing except a LIFETIME of AAAAAAAAAAAh-mazing deals. 

Go get your Kohl's on!  You can thank me later!

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