Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Blogging Satisfaction

When do you know that you are an amazing blogger and you have practically made it famous in blog world?

Don't look at me.  Not quite there yet....

But Techy...despite the fact that he has only posted 2 posts, he has had daily hits of upwards of 30 per day and that's just on his very first post.  I realize this isn't a significant number of hits, but it's more than I have ever gotten on just one post. 

You (like me) may ask, why?

Have you seen his first post?

Apparently, his daily hits on that single post range from all over the world.

Evidently, he wasn't the only one fighting with a new Blackberry Torch 9800....

He was most excited by where the hits were coming from.

Some of the most prominent and famous businesses in our country and others are referring to Techy's blog to help them complete activation of this new phone. 

And as he says, the Holy Grail:

Aren't we all sufficiently impressed?

Now, excuse me, please, while I try to drum up a post that significant.

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