Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Determination Made Me Bite the Bullet

Despite the fact that I travelled all morning yesterday,

Despite the fact that I immediately turned around and went to lunch with the Bestie upon my return home,

Despite the fact that after that I chased babies for 2 hours,

And despite the fact that I was so tired my eyeballs ached,

I still managed to squeeze in my workout last night. 

And thanks to a sweet kick in the pants from the Bestie at lunch yesterday, I bumped up the workout. 

That's right I stopped slacking off and really hit it hard. 

I ran on the elliptical for a full hour.  I know it really doesn't sound like much, but to be honest, it's the hardest I have worked in months for the longest consecutive amount of time. 

My goal is to make it happen again tonight, or to at least get the elliptical and 30 Day Shred back to back, so there is less down time for my heart rate to drop.  I want to keep up the burn for as long as possible and see where it takes me. 

Of course, keep in mind that the advice came from someone who just ran 13.1 in 2:18 at the Philly Half Marathon, and then tell me how wise I am to be taking advice from her....

I know, I know...I can see where this is leading....

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