Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Paper Perfume

Dontcha just love free stuff?

I especially love the free stuff that keeps me fresh.

Never one to pass any free item up, I have acquired a small mountain of health and beauty products using all the free sample programs floating around the internet.

For the most part, Techy and I pile them up in a drawer for guests to use while visiting.  (A neat little trick we learned from his sister and her mother-in-law)

But since visitor's don't really frequent our doorstep, the mountain continues to grow until such a time as I forget to pick up a much needed bottle of John Freida's Sheer Blonde shampoo and realize I have a free sample in my drawer that will get me through for at least 2 shampoo's.... (Sense the sarcasm here people.  I have never in my life purchased a color enhancing shampoo, much less a Blonde enhancing shampoo....)

That being said, I have decided that no guest of mine will ever use the 1300 perfume sample cards I have piled up.

And I should take advantage of the luscious designer scents before the powder wears off the card.

Therfore, you should take it on personal authority that if I happen to smell particularly delicious or distasteful on some day when we are together, you will 1. never know what I am wearing since the perfume card went in the trash right after I rubbed it all over my entire body, and 2.  never have/get to smell the scent on me again since the most expensive scents I buy are from Gap. 

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kait said...

still cracking up at this one....hahahahha