Friday, September 10, 2010

Travel Calamities Happen, Even to the self-proclaimed know-it-all

Since I know you have been eagerly waiting on the edge of your seat for the rest of my trip to Georgia travel saga….

Ever been to Atlanta International Airport? I am guessing yes, since I am pretty sure you have to go through Atlanta to get to heaven, much less anywhere on THIS planet….

It’s HUGE.


Yes, yes. Listen to me whine, you West-Coast-LAX fliers….


Our return flight home was scheduled for 8:45 am out of ATL.

And we stayed about 35 minutes away from the airport.

So, the handy dandy boys decided that we would leave at 7 AM. Which would get us there right on time around 7:40 or so. Just enough time to check our bags and walk on our plane, right?

Except the boys forgot 1 little detail.


Oh the horrors.

We were left with no budge time.

When we finally arrived at the airport, I was hopeful.  We had about 45 minutes to make our flight.

We walked past the US Air ticket counter – empty.

We walked past Continental’s ticket counter – nada.

Several more down the line – all the same.

And then Airtran…

Where, apparently they were selling something for a pennie.

The crowd was intense.

Literally walls of people.

And luggage.

And did I mention we couldn't just print our passes at one of the little computers because 1. we were travelling with a baby and 2. we were checking a bag.

So we stood. In line.

And we stood in line.

We stood in line for about 30 minutes. 

Leaving us about 15 minutes to catch the train to our terminal and make our flight.
Have you ever seen me cranky?

Or angry?

Or just plain mad?

When we finally plopped our bag on the scale at the ticket counter, the attendant quickly told us what we already knew.

We weren’t going to make our flight.

(Oh, really?  You mean the flight that leaves in 5 minutes? You’re kidding? I am shocked….)

(Just wait it gets better)

The next available flight was at 10:30 PM.

I thought I was upset before.

Apparently, the look on my face had said ticket agent shaking in his boots enough that he took another look at the 11:30 am flight.

Or at least that’s what Techy would have me think.

What do you know, he managed to find 2 seats available?

"Let’s get those booked for you…."

And off we went.

To the most luxurious flight I have experienced in oh, 2 years.

Plenty of time to find our gate and NOT RUSH around.

I almost didn’t know what to do with myself.

On board, I was seated next to an Army Ranger who was prepping to head off to the dangerous land of New Jersey. His wife had prepped him for the dangers with episodes of Jersey Shore and Housewives.  Just my kind of girl!

Unfortunately for him, after spending a month in the war zone of Jersey, he is shipping out to Iraq for a year...God bless our military!

But on that flight, I had absolutely no fear of anything.

Little Man fell asleep about 20 minutes into the flight and slept until we landed.

And we made it home all in one piece.

That being said, Techy and Eric are no longer allowed to NOT listen to me when planning travel arrangements.

THAT being said, can I just say...I am so thankful for those who serve in our military and armed forces to keep you and I safe every day.  I know it's crazy, but their mere presence on that flight was enough to make a crazy worry-wort momma like me feel so at peace 30,000 feet above the ground.

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