Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Yankee has Answers!

Today, I have big news for you guys! 


Remember, my free Craigslist buffet?

And remember when I asked for some advice from the Yankee over at Brambleberry Cottage?

Well, don't you know, the Yankee has answers!!!!

And you can see them over at Brambleberry Cottage

The poor man went to AAAAAAAAAA-LOT of work.

If you want a little background on Brambleberry, here's why I like her.

She's a good ole southern girl.

She also married a Yankee.

She managed to survive too....

She has an eye for style and gorgeous vintage pieces.

She gives advice like no one else.  I especially loved her post on how to get the best deals from market vendors.  A little etiquette and Southern charm can go a long way!

And yes, I even think highly of the Yankee....

Since he obviously put alot of effort into giving me the advice I need.

Yankee, you rock. 

Now, if I could just find some time in my schedule to allow me to do the work that Yankee taught me how....

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