Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cute Applause

In case you missed it, last week, Little Man learned how to clap.  And Techy posted a video of it on Facebook.

But the kid hasn't stopped in days. 

Seriously, all weekend long and almost every day since, we have woken up to his clapping.  Literally, the child wakes up and with his first conscious thought, starts clapping.

It's adorable.  I won't pretend I don't think it is.  It cracks me up. 

Over the weekend, we went to my "Nanny's" house for lunch.  It just so happened that all the great-grandchildren were there that day, and my Aunt wanted a picture of all of them together.

Here's what we got:
You see it, right?

My sister's 3 kids are on the left.

Then my cousins little boy.

Then mine.  Clapping.

My cousin summed it up most appropriately when she said, "This is just like us as kids.  Me and Sarah not caring there was a camera around and Leah showing off to get all the attention."

And that is my child.  Showing off already.

And here I am.

Some things never change, right?


Kait said...

hahahha oh my gosh, toooooo funny!! this post will make me smile alllll day! :)

p.s. word verification this time?: haha!

Ang said...