Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Decorating is the same as working out. Just ask my arms.

Despite the fact that wore tennis shoes to Georgia this weekend

And despite the fact that I packed workout gear

I did not get one workout in.

Or an official workout anyway.

It was a busy weekend. 

Let me explain.

One of Techy's best friends from college lives just outside of Atlanta and runs a family business. 

Over the last few years, he has flown us down for one weekend and he and Techy takeoff to completely overhaul his computer systems. 

This year, however, Techy was not the only one put to work. 

My job was to help direct the Mrs. in home decor. 


2 full days of shopping.  With a baby. 

During which we hit:

 And I had the distinct privilege of introducing her to:

Where she fell in love with this little number.

She carried one of these around for 10 minutes before finally deciding she didn't need it.

And once she got home, regretted it.  I am pretty sure she was going back today to pick it up.

At Marshalls, she snatched up the most adorable leather club chair

Price $199.

And matching tufted leather ottoman

Price $39.

(The combination was so comfortable that I am pretty sure I heard angels singing when I gave it a test run...)

We finished up at Kirklands where they had a KILLER sale on all things wall decor and foliage. 

For well under $1,000 we completely overhauled her home. 

Now, back to the workout thing. 

Not only did we have to hang all that wall decor, put together the Ikea furniture, and find a home for all the foliage, but due to a mix-up over which car should go with which people, we had no room for a stroller. 

Meaning I had to carry the now, 20 lb. Little Man everywhere we went.

I think that qualifies as a workout, how about you?

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