Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Honest Opinion - U Pantiliners by Kotex

Since no one ever asks, and I just have to dole it out....

I have decided to do a weekly product review post.  They will be labeled "My Honest Opinion" posts - for easy searching....  Let's all be excited about this new development.  I know I am.  It's merely another way for me to impress my opinions on you, my 25 loyal readers. 

And if you haven't picked up from the title of the post, I have already chosen my first item to review.

And if any men have stumbled upon this post, you really don't care to read about pantiliners, right?  Just so we're clear.  You probably want to move on.

Back to the topic....

You know I do the sample thing, right?  If not, please refer to this post

So a few weeks ago, I received a sample pack from of their new U by Kotex line of products. 

And woo to the hoo. 

Most of the changes to their usual line up are pretty phenom.  Not that I would relish paying the extra $2 for them, but given that I had a coupon, I would possibly splurge on them. 

I have been a long time user of Kotex products (yes, I know this probably crosses some lines of appropriateness somewhere, but in all seriousness....  I am not mincing words here for the sake of YOUR confortability.)  Their tampons were better than the generic, but nothing in comparison to Playtex - my personal fave. 

Enter U.  The U Tampons are finally up to the standards of my Playtex faves with no funny side wrapped strings or any of the oblong shape of the original Kotex tampon. 

And finally the subject of today's post - the U pantiliner.
Specifically, the extra thin, flexible version.

Kotex accomplished EXACTLY what they were going for here. 

"Thin" isn't quite the word for this liner.  "Paper" would be more appropriate.

Flexible? It is. 

Practically invisible, it is. 

(BTW: You are not looking at any portion of my panties here, so stop feeling awkward.  GEEZ.)

Now for my personal opinion.

On the upside, you will probably never ever have a problem with this liner roaming all over your drawers because the adhesive isn't strong enough.  NAY.  This thing could make it to space stuck on the outside of the space shuttle - the adhesive is seriously that strong. 

However, unless by chance, you wear your liners for kicks and giggles rather than protection, this is probably not the liner for you.  Unless your "light" days are "nigh to invisible" days, you will want something stronger than this puppy. 

Look at that picture again.  There is practically nothing but paper until you get to that tiny patch of cotton in the middle.  If all you need is a quarter sized piece of cotton, then why in the world are you wasting your money on buying liners?  Tape a cotton ball to your undies.  It would go farther. 

Sorry, that may have come off harsh.  What I meant to say was - these are too freaking expensive to buy for that little bit of cotton and paper! 

That being said, I have ONLY tried the extra thin, flexible version, so if the regulars happen to have some of the finer qualities (i.e. flexibility, adhesive strong enough you could wax yourself with it, cool packaging, etc.) combined with my much more important qualifications (security that there is enough cotton between me and my pants that I won't end up looking like I stepped into the Nile after the first Plague) then I am ALL about it. 

But only with a coupon.

How's that for a weird new post?  Weird enough for you?

Yep.  Me too.


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